Life lately + chicken salad recipe

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hiya strangers!

Life lately has been a little cray cray so I thought I'd fill you in on what we've been up to lately. 

Tomorrow we are jet setting to San Antonio, Texas to celebrate Josh's 35th birthday and visit his cousin and his wife! Neither of us has been to San Antonio so we are super pumped to check it out! And hopefully get some warmer weather while we're there... because this shit in DC has been NASTY. I'M OVER IT. TAKE NOTE MOTHER NATURE!!!!
If you guys have any suggestions for places to eat or see in San Antonio definitely send them my way! 

After our last plane trip, we'd really appreciate it if everyone would say a prayer for us. And for all our poor fellow passengers.

Our little gal has been a real character lately. Her newest development is refusing to have her diaper changed, which has not been so fun for us. Every poo and full diaper now means a chase, a wrestling match and me stomping away yelling, "FINE, JUST GO NAKED AND PEE EVERYWHERE I DON'T EVEN CARE!!!! CALI CAN LICK IT UP, I QUIT!!!!!!!!"

She gets her maturity from me. Obviously.

I think potty training is knocking very loudly on our door... HELP.

When I take her up for her nap Hadley runs into our bedroom, jumps up on the bed, tucks herself in and pretends to be asleep. As if her queen-sized toddler bed isn't enough, she wants the KING! She's also really into dressing herself. Just this morning, I found her prancing around with my underwear around her neck like a necklace... 

Thankfully, it was from the clean hamper. 

Yesterday I hit the 34 week mark with Thompson numba two. I can't believe we just have 6 short weeks left until our worlds get turned upside down once again :) 

We've been getting things together for the nursery and I'll be doing a few DIY projects when we get back from Texas. I am super excited about them! Unfortunately, the crib I really want from Ikea is still out of stock (indefinitely) so I'm on the hunt for a different wood crib. If you guys know any good ones, please send it my way! I'm getting desperate over here!

I got her first order of little leggings in the other day and about died with cuteness overload. I forgot how tiny newborn clothing is!!!!! LITTLE GIRL!!!!

I really need to get my act together and unpack all of Hadley's old clothes. I know it's going to be so sweet to see all her old onesies on our littlest baby :) 

Other random updates... we have some more sprouting herbs over here! The arugula is really getting after it and the thyme has started to come through. #PUMPED

I finished reading Eleanor & Park that I mentioned in this Latest Loves post a few weeks ago and still highly recommend it! Some people we're a little up in arms about the ending but I think it was a beautiful little love story.

If you're looking for something a little more dark and twisty, I just finished Jodi Picoult's The Storyteller and also really enjoyed it. Forewarning, this book is based around the Holocaust, which I did not know when I started reading and wish I had. I was not prepared for the amount of ugly crying that was about to ensue. Holy hell. Still a great read! Jodi always gets me with a good twist.

I have been a busy bee over here with a bunch of custom orders and wedding designs that will be hitting the shop very soon (I promise!). We've got a lot of weddings on the docket this year and it has been so fun to work with some of my best pals on paper designs for their big day :) 
Such an honor!

I've also been hand painting our Save the Dates, which has been a real love-hate relationship. I love that each one is a little different and that I've created them from scratch. But at 11:30pm when I'm painting #76 I really hate myself for this idea. Luckily, I have about two-thirds painted and the first batch hit the mail this morning so FINALLY, ALMOST, SORTA checking that box off. 

I can't wait to share the final product with you!

AAAAND FINALLY, I got some questions about my chicken salad recipe when I posted a pic last week so I thought I'd share it with you all!

Chicken salad was one of the staple recipes my mom would make for us growing up that I was always pumped about. Everyone has their own version, but this is my personal favorite!

What you need...

cooked chicken, diced or shredded
yellow mustard
dry mustard
garlic powder
salt & pepper
grapes, halved
celery, chopped
nuts of your choice, chopped

What you do...

I always eyeball this type of thing so I apologize for the lack of measurements. Just throw it together, it'll be delicious!!!!! 

For the chicken, I've used everything from canned chicken (#college) to rotisserie chicken I roasted myself. And it's all still delicious. I like to use mostly white meat in a chunky dice. Next, add in some halved grapes and chopped celery. I like mine really chunky and full of goodies so I put a lot of each in! My favorite nuts to use are peanuts or walnuts, so I do a rough chop of those and throw them in there. 

Then I add a couple large dollops of mayo, a squirt of mustard, a dash of dry mustard, garlic powder, salt and pepper and mix it all together. 

Put on some toast, top with some nummy cheese and DESTROY.

And the beauty of chicken salad, it just gets better with time so enjoy for a few days :)

Time for me to catch up on the SNL special, draw some cartoons of Kanye West's face and pack for this trip! Catch ya on the flipside you beautiful souls.


DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So we didn't end up with 10 inches of snow here in the Nation's Capital but we did get a few and it's still colder than Montana SOOOO I was really craving a fresh dose of Spring.

My friend gave us this awesome piece to mount on our wall made of reclaimed wood and mason jars. For the longest time I've envisioned it hanging in our kitchen/dining space with a little herb garden and we are finally making that happen!

I never have fresh herbs on hand when a recipe calls for them so I am SUPER pumped to have my own whenever I please!

What you need...

mason jars (mine were 16 ounces)
organic potting mix
organic perlite
pea pebbles
plant markers

What you do...

One of the easiest ways to kill herbs is by over watering. To help prevent this, you're going to create some layers within the jar to help the roots thrive.

First, pour about a half inch of perlite in the bottom of the jar. Depending on what size jar you're using, you can pour more but I would make sure there is at least a half inch. This stuff will help suck the water down through the jar so the roots don't sit in it and drown.

Next, pour in another half inch or more of the pea pebbles.

Follow by filling up the majority of your jar with the soil. Make sure to pat it down firmly so there aren't any air bubbles.

Create your herb labels and mark the jars so you'll know which is which.

Using your finger, dig about a 1/4 inch hole in the center of each jar. Take a pinch of your seeds and drop them in the hole. You'll want about 10-20 seeds since some won't survive.
Cover lightly with the surrounding soil.

Water them after you're done laying the seeds. You'll want to pour until it fills to the bottom of the pea pebbles. You'll be able to see it trickle down the jar into the perlite at the bottom so you'll be basically pouring enough to fill just that bottom layer. Less is more!

Place your jars in indirect sunlight, like on your kitchen windowsill.

Water them about once a week and they should sprout beautifully!

I just planted mine a few days ago but i can already see teeeeny, tiny green leaves poking through in the arugula!

I'll be sure to share more updates later!

If you'd like to order a mason jar herb garden kit already prepped with all the supplies for you, check out this awesome one from Maker's Kit. They also have great how-to videos on their site if you're ever stuck.

If you're interested in something to mount on your wall like we have, you can build one yourself with this tutorial over at Running to the Kitchen or search Etsy for some custom builds.

Now hopefully I can keep these things alive because some dead plants might really shatter my care-taking confidence before this second child comes into our world.


Our Valentine's Day

Monday, February 16, 2015

Good morning sunshines!

I hope you all had a love-filled weekend :) I wish we could rewind and do it all over again. Minus the single digit temperatures and 60 mph winds. HELP.

On Saturday morning we gave Hadley her Valentine gifts and whipped up some heart-shaped pancakes. We got her this Candy Kirby doll that I've had my eye on for a long time and this adorable book called Plant a Kiss. She really loved reading it to us!

My little sister celebrated her 10th birthday on Saturday night at a gymnastics gym and Hadley had the time of her life. She reminded me of a pinball machine, bouncing back and forth like a wild woman between all the activities. My huge pregnant-self could barely keep up with her! I did gymnastics when I was younger for about 10 years so it was really special for me to see her having so much fun in there! I wanted to be on that tramp with her!

Happy almost birthday Kylie girl! I can't believe you're hitting the double digits! 

Last week we went in for what we thought was our 31 week check-up and sonogram only to find out that baby girl's due date has been pushed up! They moved her due date from April 14th to April 6th and I thought that was a big deal. Josh was unimpressed. But I'm still a little freaked out! She's coming so soon, I can't believe it!!!!!! I have so much to do!!!!!! 

So, today I am officially 33 weeks along. Only a little over a month and a half until this little firecracker is here. She is such a mover and a shaker in there. I have a sneaky suspicion that she isn't quite as comfy in the womb as Hadley was so hopefully she doesn't try to fly the coop too soon. EEEEEEEEK.

Time to nest like some shit.


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