DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So we didn't end up with 10 inches of snow here in the Nation's Capital but we did get a few and it's still colder than Montana SOOOO I was really craving a fresh dose of Spring.

My friend gave us this awesome piece to mount on our wall made of reclaimed wood and mason jars. For the longest time I've envisioned it hanging in our kitchen/dining space with a little herb garden and we are finally making that happen!

I never have fresh herbs on hand when a recipe calls for them so I am SUPER pumped to have my own whenever I please!

What you need...

mason jars (mine were 16 ounces)
organic potting mix
organic perlite
pea pebbles
plant markers

What you do...

One of the easiest ways to kill herbs is by over watering. To help prevent this, you're going to create some layers within the jar to help the roots thrive.

First, pour about a half inch of perlite in the bottom of the jar. Depending on what size jar you're using, you can pour more but I would make sure there is at least a half inch. This stuff will help suck the water down through the jar so the roots don't sit in it and drown.

Next, pour in another half inch or more of the pea pebbles.

Follow by filling up the majority of your jar with the soil. Make sure to pat it down firmly so there aren't any air bubbles.

Create your herb labels and mark the jars so you'll know which is which.

Using your finger, dig about a 1/4 inch hole in the center of each jar. Take a pinch of your seeds and drop them in the hole. You'll want about 10-20 seeds since some won't survive.
Cover lightly with the surrounding soil.

Water them after you're done laying the seeds. You'll want to pour until it fills to the bottom of the pea pebbles. You'll be able to see it trickle down the jar into the perlite at the bottom so you'll be basically pouring enough to fill just that bottom layer. Less is more!

Place your jars in indirect sunlight, like on your kitchen windowsill.

Water them about once a week and they should sprout beautifully!

I just planted mine a few days ago but i can already see teeeeny, tiny green leaves poking through in the arugula!

I'll be sure to share more updates later!

If you'd like to order a mason jar herb garden kit already prepped with all the supplies for you, check out this awesome one from Maker's Kit. They also have great how-to videos on their site if you're ever stuck.

If you're interested in something to mount on your wall like we have, you can build one yourself with this tutorial over at Running to the Kitchen or search Etsy for some custom builds.

Now hopefully I can keep these things alive because some dead plants might really shatter my care-taking confidence before this second child comes into our world.


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