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Monday, February 2, 2015

Hiya friends :) How are you guys?! 
Surviving the post-Super Bowl Monday blues?

We had some fun plans for the weekend but our baby girl came down with some serious nastiness on Friday night. She had a low-grade fever that evening and was drooling like mad so I thought it might just be some intense teething. We put her to bed and a few hours later she woke up and threw up all over. I knew cleaning up after all the drunks (myself included) in college would come in handy....

Luckily, she went back to sleep that night and didn't throw up again, but she's had a fever all weekend and now has a horrible cough. Poor baby! I probably shouldn't of let her lick the fish tanks at the aquarium.... kidding. 
Or am I?

While we we're doing lots of snuggling, we had Hadley's room, the nursery and our kitchen island painted. I am loving some fresh color in here! Still getting used to the pink in the nursery.. it's a little aggressive without any furniture in there. I'm hoping once it's all decorated we'll like it more!

We used Valspar's Peach Whisper for the nursery, Gravity for Hadley's room and Quite Red for the island.

It's safe to say I'm obsessed with Hadley's bed set up. That canopy is just so cool!!!! It's like a little permanent fort over her bed. So far she is really liking it :) You can see my inspiration board for her room here and a similar canopy here from the Land of Nod. I'm excited to get some artwork and curtains hung up in there! 

And speaking of decorating the nursery.. I've put together a little inspiration board for the space and am OBSESSED! I decided on a woodland theme with lots of little forest creatures, soft pink walls, green colors, wood textures and gold accents.

I can't wait to see it all come together!!!

Can you tell I'm trying to get those pom curtains in every room?? I just love them (as you can tell from this post & this post).

There is so much beautiful artwork out there of little woodland creatures.. I especially love Amy Hamilton's illustrations!

Also obsessed with that rocking chair. We got rid of the one we used with Hadley since it was older, pretty creaky and a little too small for Josh's large limbs. For us, this is something we don't mind spending a bit more money on since we'll get so much use out of it. I love this one because it'll work for any room after we're done using it in the nursery, it's a less expensive option compared to other great rockers out there (like this beauty) and it's got great support for nursing the baby! So key!

I have a bunch of fun DIYs in mind for this room and can't wait to get crafting! I'll be sure to share all the details once I get my ass in gear ;)


***Edit: Click HERE to view the finished nursery!***

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