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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We'reeeeee baaaaaaaack.

And the baby is still in the womb! 

We left a week ago for San Antonio to visit Josh's cousin and his wife and celebrate Josh's 35th birthday. The day we got there it was sunny, almost 70 degrees and we we're in HEAVEN. It was glorious! We rode around with the windows down, wind in our hair and big ole smiles on our faces. 

Unfortunately, the warm weather didn't last very long but we still got out to see the sights a few days and had lots of fun hanging out together :)

^^^Their sweet 8 month old pitbull who Hadley was obsessed with. I think they made out 37 times.

We visited the Alamo and walked around the River Walk downtown. We definitely want to go back there when it's warmer so we can eat and drink out on the patio near the water.. such a cool place! Hadley just about jumped in the minute she got loose. Thankfully Josh was able to stop her from taking a real frigid dip. That girl be crazy.

It wouldn't be right to go to Texas and not visit the rodeo. It was freezing cold but totally worth it when we got to see a baby kangaroo at the petting zoo!!!!!!!! There we're actually a ton of really cool animal exhibits and the most diverse, wild petting zoo I've ever visited. We saw alligators, a leopard, ostriches, farm animals, tons of snakes, monkeys, deer and did I mention a baby kangaroo? Just chilling in a cloth pouch by itself. Totally casual in freezing Texas. 

I think Hadley had a blast getting to not only see all the animals but feed and pet them, too :)

^^^Someone totally left me hangin'!!!!!
^^^If I wasn't a million months pregnant and could actually zip up my jacket, I totally would have tucked this little guy in my bosom and brought him home.

We had lots of time at the park and BBQ grillin' before the weather turned. 

We we're supposed to fly home on Sunday but since our luck with weather and flying has been SOOOOO WONDERFUL this year (more on that here), our flight got cancelled. Luckily, we had a place to go instead of being stuck on a layover, THANK GOD. They couldn't get us on another flight home for two days so we got a little extended vacation :)

And now that we finally made it home I am in full baby-nesting-holy-hell-that-thing-is-almost-here-mode. We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow so I'm just going to bunker down and get my ass to work. I keep telling her to stay put because she doesn't have a room yet... even though she'll most likely be in a bassinet in our room for the first two months. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!! The space must be finished! Ready to rock! Ready to welcome this little bundle home!
I am totally freaking out.

I hope you all have been swell this past week. If you're getting more snow and winter madness like we are, I hope you stay warm and sane. If you're currently enjoying sunshine and temperatures over 50 degrees.............

I hate you.

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