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Friday, March 13, 2015


Sup my people?! I may be half asleep while typing this so I apologize in advance. Sleep has not been coming as easily these days and it's really starting to take a toll when the mid-afternoon slump hits! Aside from peeing a gazillion times throughout the night, it's nearly impossible to roll over in bed now so getting comfy is basically impossible. My hips are not happy campers!

Someone else is also against sleeping today. I've been watching Hadley go back and forth between trying to break out of her room, rearranging her dolls, tearing all her books off the bookshelf and hopping in and out of bed for the last 40 minutes. We're getting rid of the paci for good this weekend and this test run nap time is obviously going really well. 


I'll hand it to you girl, your perseverance and will power is off the charts.

But anywho.. I figured why not share some of Hadley's favorite apps that she's been into these days! We bust these out whenever we're in a bit of a toddler meltdown (much like right now....) or just to keep her occupied for a few minutes. Some are pure entertainment and others have been great learning tools!

I'm hoping they'll provide a little distraction when I have to tend to our second little gal :)

Vine kids - If you're not familiar with the adult version of this app, it's basically a place where people upload 7 second videos to their feed. The kids version is a curated collection of videos from the adult app that are suitable and fun for kids. They can swipe through and watch as many as they want, and there are some fun sound effects in there as well!

PBS kids - This is a great go-to when we need to occupy her for a longer amount of time. This app has lots of Sesame Street, Curious George and countless other episodes for the kiddos to enjoy.

Elmo calls - This has been one of Hadley's favorites for a while now. They get to FaceTime with Elmo and he even leaves messages in their voicemail box. Hadley loves hearing the phone ring, pressing the answer button and then seeing Elmo pop up on the screen. All the videos are super cute and change periodically.

Peekaboo barn - The Peekaboo series has become a new favorite around here. They have a bunch of different ones that help teach all sorts of different words with fun images. Hadley can point out all kinds of farm animals now when we ask her and she's starting to mimic all the words.. finally some talking out of this girl!!!! She also really loves when all the animals go to sleep at night time.. her fake snore is the cutest.

Peekaboo fridge - This one features different foods and drinks in fun animations with the words on the screen, spoken and fun music in between.

Now I just need to find an app for her nap, WHAT GIVES?! GO TO SLEEP CHILD!!!!!

*This book is all I think about in a moment like this*

XO friends,

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