Life with two

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Well, I think it's safe to say life is definitely not the same!!!!

These last two weeks and 3 days have been amazing, exhausting, challenging, painful and some of the best days of my life. A roller coaster, to say the least. Nora is such a sweet baby who eats like a champion so she basically has not left my teet since she popped out da womb. It's been exhausting but this girl has already gained over a pound and a half since she was born so I am one proud mama!

She grunts and makes lots of funny noises all the time. Hadley goes bonkers every time she sneezes and I think I can already see some baby blues coming in :) She's snuggly and perfect and we couldn't love her more!!!!

Hadley is continuing to blow my mind with her sweetness and patience. Every morning she comes into our room, climbs in bed with Josh, Nora and myself and squeals as soon as she sees the baby. She does it after her nap time, too... it's so adorable! It's like she forgets the baby gets to stay around and has a little Christmas morning moment every time she sees her.  

I can't wait to see them together once Nora can participate in playtime a bit more.

^^^Holding on to her little pinky :)

I think my biggest worry was how I would be able to juggle both the girls when Josh went back to work. We're taking it one day at a time, but so far it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would be! Disney Junior and Pixar movies have been a BIG help so far. Honestly, I'm just happy when I've remembered to feed everyone. Including Cail. Sorry, girl! Extra doggie treats for you!

Last week we even made it out to Hadley's My Gym class, just the three of us. Nora explosively pooed all over herself, I forgot to bring an extra onesie and Hadley did most of the class with one of the teachers.. BUT we survived! And Hadley loved showing off her little sis!

It's been so nice laying low and spending all this quality time together :)

It's looking super warm and sunny this week and I am PUMPED about it!
Summertime is so close!


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