Nora's Nursery Reveal

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hey there beauties :)

I finally got the last little details put together in Nora's room and am ready to share it with you! I'm so happy with how the room turned out. It's been so fun transforming it from our old, bland and boring guest room to this airy, feminine, woodland oasis. It's hard to believe I made this inspiration board just 2 months ago! We pulled that shit together QUICK. I guess babies and procrastination will do that to you.

Enough of the blabbering.. 

It took us a while to find the right crib for this room. Hadley's was a bit worn and falling apart so I knew I wanted to get something that would last in case we decide to have 3 more kids or something CRAZY like that. I was DEAD SET on this one from Ikea and waited and waited for it to come back in stock but it NEVER DID. So I had to part ways and in the end I'm glad I did. I love this one by Babyletto even more!

We used this dresser from Ikea as Hadley's changing table in her nursery and kept it for Nora's. I got some natural wood knobs from Home Depot, stained them and painted the top four with gold polka dots to keep it in the theme of the room. 

You can learn how to make your own floral letters here!

I am a bit obsessed with Amy Hamilton's paintings. Her series of little woodland creatures was too perfect for the room.. I had to exercise some real will power to not purchase all of them.

You can see the DIY post for the floral wood wall art piece here.

I love the rocker we got. It's beautiful and works really great for feedings. It's definitely more on the firm side and Josh can't sleep in it as easily as one with a tall back (#tallpersonproblem) but I think if you're looking for something you can move into other spaces when you no longer need a nursery rocker, it's perfect. 

Finkelsteins are officially my new favorite stuffed animals... so cute and quirky! I want the sloth for myself.

I bought the gold polka dots on the wall from Urban Walls. They we're super easy to work with and I love how they turned out. They peel off easily for removal and won't damage the walls so they're great for renters, too!

I had this quote in my mind since I first decided on the theme for the room and wanted to make a print inspired by our newest gal :) You can find it in the shop here!

The wood and gold planters from Light & Ink Studios are one of my new favorite items. I want to put them in every room of the house! Lisa, the owner, was super nice when the first shipment got stolen off our stoop (I bet the local teen thugs we're real pumped about those free planters they scored!!!!!) and she shipped us another batch free of charge. 
Also, everything in her shop is just plain KEWL.

And there you have it!

It'll be a little sad once we move Nora out of our room and into her own room but when the time comes, I'm glad she'll be kickin' back in a pretty place like this. 

Oh, and I can't forget to credit my assistant photographers...

Nursery sources:

crib ||  rocker  ||  dresser  ||  crib sheets  ||  crib skirt


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