Memorial Day Weekend 2015 // Ocean City, MD guide

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hey party people :)

The day after a long weekend at the beach is always a little bit of a downer but I'm so happy we survived our first vacation as a family of four! I'm using the word "vacation" loosely here because it honestly wasn't that relaxing to be chasing Hadley & nursing Nora all while jealously watching everyone else indulge in cocktails but at least the scenery was nice!!!!! And we got some yummy grub which is always high on my list of fun things to do.

^^I did get to enjoy a few cocktails over the weekend, this DEELICIOUS margarita being one!!! ARRRRRRIBA!!!!
^^^This is Hadley in that same suit when she was 13 weeks old. Nora looks almost the same size as her already, our little chunky monkey!!!! And I still think they are totally little twins.
 ^^^This is what post-Whole30 dreams are made of... carbs, cheese & creamy coffee!!!!
^^^The water was FREEZING but this wild child did not care one bit.
 ^^^This kid and her bubbles. And her obsession with Christmas movies in May.
^^^Her first nap on the beach!

If you're ever in the Ocean City, Maryland area and are looking for some good grub or places to visit here are a few of our favorites...

Fractured Prune for donuts. I love the Rocky Shores and tried the French Toast for the first time this weekend. They're so tasty it's honestly beyond words. Holy moly is about all I got.

Crab Bag for big crabs at great prices. Make sure to get there early and sit at the outdoor pavilion. The house margarita was just what mama needed. And if you're looking for ridiculously, oversized, I might piss-my-bed-tonight margaritas with Mexican food and a fun vibe then you should check out Tequila Mockingbird. The name gets me every time... so clever!

Kirby's Pub has some great bar food and a low-key, local feel.

Seacrets has some of the best sunset views you'll see over the bay in Ocean City. You'll feel like you're stepping straight into Jamaica and the food is pretty good, too. I love the fish taco, jerk chicken and the house special drink, Pain in de Ass. Word of warning: do not go at peak hours on holidays with your babies unless you want to scar them for life and get thrown up on by a half-to-fully naked person. If you're looking for a fun place for a bachelorette party though, this is your jam! Nothing beats floating in the bay while being served tasty drinks.

This was my first time trying Uber Bagels down there but I really liked it! Great breakfast sandwich options and yummy NYC style bagels.

For a good sub on the beach, order DeVito's to-go and try their Special Italian Coldcut.

For ice cream, hit up King Kone for tons of hand-dipped, soft serve, toppings and milkshake options. Just look for the big gorilla outside the front door at their North OC location.

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to all of you who serve, have served or have lost loved ones defending this country. I can't even begin to imagine that kind of sacrifice and I couldn't be more thankful while watching my little babies enjoy their freedoms. 

Here's to the unofficial start of SUMMER!!!!!!!!!

If you're interested, here's our Memorial Day Weekend post from last year. I can't get over little, pudgey Hadley!!!! My baby girl is growing up so fast and I CAN'T TAKE IT, WAH!!! 2 YEARS OLD ON SATURDAY!!!!! MADNESS.

My favorite pregnancy & baby apps

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hiya folks!

While I was pregnant and in the first few weeks of Nora's life there we're a few apps that I loved to use and some that we will continue to use in the coming years. I, personally, use an iPhone but many of these are available for Android users as well.

Check 'em out!

A Beautiful Mess - If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you've probably picked up on the fact that I'm a big fan of the gals over at A Beautiful Mess. Their photo editing app is so fun to use and it is perfect for documenting belly pics! There's even a pregnancy bundle you can purchase that gives you tons of fun phrases for announcement pictures, monthly belly shots and counting down until the big day!

I also love using this app for Nora's weekly pictures. I can't wait to put together a scrapbook for her like I did for Hadley! You can see that project here.

My Pregnancy Today by Baby Center - When Josh and I we're pregnant with Hadley we subscribed to the Baby Center emails to stay up to date on everything happening with the pregnancy. We still follow along with her development and used it through this pregnancy as well! It tells you how big your baby is with some kind of fruit comparison, what's happening with their development and has tons of testimonies from other new moms, OB/GYNs and pediatricians.

Baby Connect - Once your little babe arrives, you may want to keep track of how often your baby is peeing, pooping, eating, sleeping and all those other good things. This app has that and much more. You can create profiles for each child you have and document things like their mood, medical history, milestones, photos of them and even drop off/pick up information. You can share your profile with other family members or care givers so they can update feeding schedules and other things while they are watching your baby.

I've tried some other tracking apps for nursing and pumping and this one was the most convenient for me. It has the option for using a timer when you start or simply entering the time once you've finished.

My Baby Today by Baby Center - Similar to the My Pregnancy app, this one provides you with information on your baby once they've exited your womb. It has tools you can use for tracking their sleep and feedings as well, but it's not quite as extensive as something like Baby Connect. Baby Center has been a great resource for us when we have questions about something going on with our girls. They have tons of articles and community posts from other parents that have been super helpful.

White Noise - Sometimes, you just need some white noise in desperate times. This app is easy to use and has a great variety of sound choices. Sleep, little ones, sleep!

Milk Maid - For a few days there, I was convinced I'd be exclusively pumping with Nora because we we're having some trouble with our latch. Thankfully, we've gotten back on the boob but I did some serious digging for an app that would help us if it came to that. Milk maid is an exclusive pumpers best friend. Keeping track of your supply versus how much your little one is eating, all while keeping your milk supply up, is really stressful. This app will help you track how much milk you have pumped, where it's being stored (fridge, freezer, at home, at daycare, etc), what container it's in and how much your baby drank that day. It comes equipped with stats information, how much milk you have stored and alarms you can set for pumping reminders. Basically, it's the bees knees.

Cloud Baby Monitor - This app is a parent's best friend. You need two devices to use it, one for the child's room and one for the parent. The child's unit provides night vision and an option for a night light. You can also play lullabies for them as well. On the parent device, you have the option to speak to them and can set up alerts if there is noise or motion in the baby's room. The best part of this app though?! It has an option for UNLIMITED range. HEYRO!!!!!

We love the Summer Infants monitor we have set up in our rooms but the signal does not stretch that far. When we want to hang out outside or go to a neighbors house, this app is a life saver.

Here's to technology!


Our family of four

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Good morning friends!

It's a beautiful Saturday out there and we can't wait to get this weekend poppin! We're heading out to lunch later this afternoon to visit my grandma and then hitting up the splash pad before the thunderstorms roll in. Josh and I have been doing the Whole30 and this is our last weekend behaving ourselves (AKA no brews or ice cream or red wine or french fries or chocolate or anything worth living for) SO BASICALLY I AM SUPER PUMPED TO GET TO NEXT WEEKEND, HOLY MAMACITA!!!!!!!!

But anyways...

I have one zillion wonderful pictures to share with you today and I could not be more obsessed with them. I really tried to narrow it down to post just my favorites but that was basically impossible. We had two of my good pals from high school come and photograph our family a few weeks ago and I am so incredibly happy with the images. I know they will hang in our home until we've got grey hair sticking out of our noses and ears. 

So here they are, our little family of four, plus Cali girl!

A HUGE thank you to Joey Chrisman and Cina Nguyen for coming to photograph our family.
We'll treasure these forever!

Happy weekend,

Joey Chrisman  ||  instagram
Cina Nguyen  ||  instagram  ||  email

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