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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey party people :)

I apologize for my internet absence these days.. things have been absolutely NUTZO BUSY around here and it looks like they won't be slowing down until after we tie the knot in September! HOLY HANNAH, someone help me! I've officially started to have nightmares about forgetting things for the wedding. Hashtag stressed, yo. But things are moving along.. we've got the bridesmaid dresses all set, my wedding dress ordered and our invitations in the works. I'll share some sneak peaks throughout the summer before the big day!

Since Hadley's birthday party, we had my aunt and her son stay with us for a few days and I think Hadley was SUPER pumped about having a fellow playmate. They we're so cute together and hanging with him always makes me want a little boy for our family. But it's WAY too soon to be thinking about that nonsense!!!!! One newborn is enough!!!!! Be quiet ovaries, you fertile ass myrtles!!!!!

We took the whole rowdy gang to the zoo one day, had a BBQ at our house for the neighborhood and got some yummy eats at Agua 301 and Ice Cream Jubilee down at the Yards Park.

^^^These two twins! King & Queen of the zoo mountain, look out!
^^^She didn't want to share her ice cream with us!! The seasonal blueberry flavor is SOOOOO good!

Little Nora girl is getting so alert and smiley these days, I love it. She always flashes us some good ones when we wake up in the morning and has been such a chill baby for us during all these parties and BBQs. Put that girl outside in someone's arms and she is zonked all day.

Hadley, on the other hand, has been like EFF YOU GUYS anytime we try to get her to sleep. She used to go to bed at 8pm and it wasn't always a battle. Lately she's been staying up until 11pm and we have to lay with her for a while until she'll finally pass out. It hasn't been fun but it has led to lots of great pictures of her passed out during the day.

^^^What is more Summery than an American tank and munchin' on watermelon?!

In honor of all these Summery days, I put together a little round up of some cute swim suits for the littles.

pink park print suit  ||  violet flutter one piece  ||  lime seahorse suit
white palm tree one piece  ||  pink pattern two piece
toddler panama hat

I can't get over how adorable that panama hat is. I might have to get matching ones for all of us! Also, for you mamas with little tykes, I love these fish trunks.

I hope you all have been enjoying June and the beginning of a glorious Summer.
Here's to sipping a cold one out back with the barbeque grill fired up, a smiley baby on your lap and a sunkissed gal running around half naked munchin' on watermelon.


Other photo sources:
June Hudson
Marie Beatty

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