Babe update: 5 months & a sassafrass

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Things with the babes lately seem to be on the real up & up. 

Everyone is getting more sleep (for the most part), Nora is becoming more and more self sufficient and Hadley is cracking us up left and right. And I have a feeling it's only going to get more and more comical from here on out! It's been so fun!

^^^ This skirt didn't leave her body for a solid 3 days.

At 5 months Nora is tipping the scale at 18+ pounds and at her last doctor's visit her head and height we're 99 and 96% respectively. So, basically, she's a beast. I shit you not, she weighs about 7 pounds less than Hadley and they can wear the same diapers. The other night, Josh put Nora on top of Hadley whilst wrestling and she legit couldn't move. It was hilarious. 

Nora, your thighs and cankles will always be one of my favorite things and in the world!!!!

She loves to practice standing up in her saucer, watching her sister run laps and the chewing on everything phase has definitely kicked in. Her favorite victims are the iPad and our phones. I'm waiting for a tooth to make an appearance sometime soon! 

So far she's tried avocado and sweet potato and still seems real skeptical about the whole food thing. I'm excited to introduce more and more over the next couple of weeks! 

She's no longer sleeping through the night and wakes up once for a feeding around 3 AM. It ain't horrible but I can't wait for that to disappear again. She's officially sitting up all by herself, with just a few face plants here and there, and loves all the new adventures with being so independent! She's assumed the crawling position a few times but that's usually quickly followed by screams that I imagine mean, "SHIT, I'M TOO HEAVY FOR THIS!!!"

Her coordination with her hands is getting so much better as well and I love seeing her wheels turn as she looks things over and tries to figure them out. So fun!

I think she still looks mostly like Josh at this point, but she's definitely got my little squinty eyes :) Your smile lights up the whole room, little Nora!

^^^ Chipotle baby!

As for our first born, she has been full of sass and sweetness these days. Her personality is coming out more and more, and she's proving to be a real comedian. And a real stubborn ass. An adorable stubborn ass!

^^^ This was quickly followed by, "MINE!"
^^^ I love Hadley grabbing on to Nora in this shot!!

She is still UHbsessed with her baby dolls. The other day I left her room after putting her down for her nap and I caught her on the monitor with 3 babies laying next to her in her bed. She was intensely reading them all books before she fell asleep. My heart melted into a million pieces.

Since she's gotten her sleep routine back on track her tantrums are definitely less than usual. They still exist, don't get me wrong, but it's usually related to a short nap and some form of not getting her way. For example, yesterday she wanted to walk around downtown Annapolis with her baby in her little stroller. I had just woken her up from sleeping in the car and was trying to get our big stroller and Nora all put together. I told her she needed to sit in our stroller before she could walk around because there we're so many cars nearby and she screamed like she was auditioning for a horror film. And we we're in a parking garage, so that shit echoed like you wouldn't believe. Cue the sweating. 

Her latest favorite things are anything and everything with the mini stroller (she slept with it in her bed the other night), wearing hats and Mickey Mouse is still the best thing since sliced bread. News flash: I had to sing the song to spell M-I-C-K-E-Y right..... #help.

She's talking like a little champ and I love hearing all the new phrases. My latest faves are, "Awww man!" when she can't break out of the baby gate or drops something and "Don't you do it!" wagging her pointer finger at daddy. It's too stinkin' cute!

With all these new words and such she also has become miss bossy pants. She's always trying to tell us what to do, where to sit, what not to do. I'll sing a song or start dancing with her and she'll immediately stop and say very sternly, "NO!" 

But most of the time, she's our super sweet little gal :) The other day I ran over my foot with the computer chair while zooming around the play room like an idiot and she came over so concerned. She looked my foot over very carefully and then lightly kissed it, looked at me and shook her head like all better, mama! It was adorable. 

My little girls, I love you both so much!


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