We're married!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Holy bananas you guys, Josh & I are officially husband and wife!!!

This whole summer has been such a whirlwind leading up to the big day, hence my online absence. I had so much fun (and definitely some stressful moments) putting everything together and preparing for the party of our lives. Josh & I never imagined so much of our family and friends would turn up for us on a Thursday, but they did, and it was truly a day we will never forget!


I can't believe we're coming up on one week since the big day already. They aren't lying when they say it's over in the blink of an eye. 

I'll be sure to post more photos once we get them back from our photographer (so excited to see those!!!!) and some of my favorite details from the wedding. Until then, I hope all of these stolen photos suffice... thank you family and friends for documenting this day for us!

Joshua Beau, I love you to the ends of the universe. You have a heart of gold and I feel so lucky to be your woman!!!!! Wife for life!!!!!


*Note: These photos are not my own and we're not taken by me. 


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