27 years

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October is here, Halloween is near and again it is that time of year...

my birthday!

Today I turn 27 years old. Josh asked me last night if I ever thought I'd have two kids and be married by 27 and I said HELL NAW MAN! But I could honestly not be happier. 

Life has truly surprised me in so many great ways and I feel so blessed.

And in honor of my 27 years I thought I'd share 27 things about myself because that sounds fun.


1. I love Chipotle. Too obvious? I tweet at them often and when Joe tweets me back I often freak out like it's from some celebrity. So thanks Joe. Whoever you are.

2. I did have a bad day at Chipotle one time when I slipped on a puddle of water in their hallway. I was 9 months pregnant with Nora and carrying Hadley to the bathroom. No one came to help me up and it was really sad. But we survived! After I cried a little...... 

3. I can't eat a bowl of chili without a glass of milk. Like, it's impossible. And uncivilized.

4. I've eaten yellow cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday for probably 27 years. It gives me all the nostalgic feels! Especially if it has rainbow sprinkles.

Are all of these about food so far....?

5. I have an unhealthy relationship with Snapchat. 

6. Back to food. I also have an unhealthy relationship with breakfast hash. If you follow me on Snapchat (@larrybearry88) you'll see I make it pretty much every morning, Monday - Friday. You can seriously breakfast hash with ANYTHING. 

7. And also in relation, a perfectly cooked over-easy egg seriously starts the day off right. I usually fuck it up but I'm really working on it!!!!

8. Since these are all food related (am I hungry or what?) I'll take it back to my roots. I used to be the world's pickiest eater. I have memories of refusing to eat lettuce as a child and eating bowls of american cheese with just ranch dressing on top. What in the hell??? 

I didn't discover my love for food until college. Virginia Tech has the best campus food in America (on the realz) and my roomie and great pal, Rachel, taught me how to cook many delicacies our Sophomore year. Thanks, Rockdome.

9. I used to think I have a high pain tolerance but after having babies and a few other random injuries, I've come to realize I am a giant yssup (read it backwards).

10. I love sports and am really competitive. This makes for a great Fantasy Football combination. I'm thinking of making shirts that say "'Till draft do us part". 

11. My favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump.

12. My favorite human being that I don't know and will probably never know is Tom Hanks.

13. I'm proud as shit of my long locks. I've been waiting for them to grace me with their presence for 12 years. Thank you Hadley and Nora for helping me achieve the mermaid hair I've been dreaming of. I owe you gals big time.

14. I did gymnastics as a youngin' for 10 years. I was obsessed with Shannon Miller and still remember exactly where I was when Kerri Strug stuck that landing on one foot to win gold for team USA. Hands down one of the best moments in sports EVER. 

15. I studied Biology and Psychology as a pre-med student at Virginia Tech. I realized my Junior year that I did not want to go to med school. Honestly, I think I was just watching too much Grey's Anatomy. So thanks, Merebear.

16. If I could go back to college, I would definitely study something in the arts. Watercolor, illustration, print making, photography. There are literally SO MANY OPTIONS it's mind boggling.

17. I really want to go to Africa one day.

18. I went sky diving one time (severely hungover because we kept cheersing to our last day on Earth the night before) and it was amazing. Terrifying and amazing. Also a great hangover cure in case you we're curious.

GOD DAMN this is a long list.

19. I wouldn't call myself a cat person but I once had a cat named Jessica Stephanie Hudson when I was younger. I named her, duh. She was the coolest cat and my BFF. She lived a long life and died tragically from a snake bite. Long live JSH. 

20. My favorite song of the moment is It's Strange by Louis The Child. It is definitely strange but so am I!!!

21. Magnets by Disclosure ft. Lorde is a close second. They're both on repeat in the mini van/spaceship.

22. My favorite trashy TV show is, hands down, Below Deck. 

23. My birthday has become kind of a magical day for me and Josh because we found out we we're pregnant with Hadley on my birthday, then we found we we're having a girl on my birthday with Nora and this year we also got some great news that I'll share soon! Technically, we didn't find out on my actual birthday but it was like 3 days before so it counts. And no, we are not fucking pregnant again. NO NO NO. Sowwy Charlie. Mama needs some more drankin' TIME, YA HEARD?!

24. I'm a big moscow mule fan these days. But really, I'm a fan of alcohol in general and in all forms.

25. Speaking of alcohol, I'll never remember or forget that time I threw up sushi all over the floor after one epic date night. Josh won't let me forget it either :-P Thanks hunni, I love you!!!!

26. I graduated from high school with a 4.2 GPA. So put that in your nerd pipe and smoke it!

My college GPA was not a 4.2.

27. I have three tattoos and one of them is definitely on my ass.

I hope you enjoyed this ridiculous and unnecessary list of information.

Here's to anotha year on dis ERRRF.

That's ebonics for Earth.


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