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Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's Saturday night, Josh is snoring on the couch next to me with Nora fast asleep on his chest and the temperature is dipping into the 30s outside. 

I made chili yesterday, which I should have known, put me right in the Fall mood. And then I proceeded to eat about 39 bowls of it.

I got to lay down with Hadley tonight and read her some books before bed for the first time in a while since Nora was already asleep. We read one of my Halloween favorites, Room on the Broom. Reading stories to her while she drifts off to sleep is just the sweetest. 

We've finally got a few pumpkins and decorations up around the house and even got the girls in their first! matching festive PJs the other night. 

These are some of my favorite things.

And I think this might be my favorite kind of day. 

When you wake up and have no plans on the calendar. When you spend all day lounging and playing and cleaning and catching up around the house with your family. And everyone dozes off for an afternoon nap and watches a new movie together before bed. 

We're the kind of people who are always on the go, making plans, hosting get togethers, taking the babes out somewhere fun, but days like this remind me to slow down a bit and just enjoy each other. I haven't even had a glass of wine tonight *shocking* but I'm so unbelievably relaxed! I might even get to read my book club book tonight and possibly finish it on time this month!!!! Who knows?!!!!!

I think the real reason I'm feeling all the feels is because we watched Pixar's Inside Out tonight and it had me sobbing like an idiot. Josh definitely made fun of me but it was really making me feel all the feels!!!!! So many emotions, wahhhhhhh.

But anywho, I'm officially jazzed up about Fall so here are some things I'm digging.

pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls  ||  beanie  ||  bat cupcake toppers
caramel apple bar

I have never made a homemade cinnamon roll but it is definitely on my recipe bucket list. And a pumpkin cinnamon roll?! Just stop it.

Beanies. Gimme all da beanies.

I have no plans of hosting any sort of party or doing any crazy crafts this Halloween, but if I did I'd make those adorable little bats.

Also, love the caramel apple bar idea for a party! Would be super cute to do as a little dessert treat after a chili cookoff party. Chili everything!!!!!

I just stumbled on this new clothing brand called Piper & Scoot and I'm obsessed with everything. I've recently been reading the tidying book which has motivated me to start going through all the closets and cabinets and toy trunks and everything in our house.

I did a massive purge and have now been really enjoying adding a few new things to my wardrobe.

I love this easy, cowl neck hoodie for Fall. It just looks so cozy!

I'm also obsessed with this berry color I'm seeing everywhere.

If you want to check out some of our favorite Halloween books, you can see that post here from last year.

And if you're interested in our family chili recipe you can see that here.

Andddd in other great news, I'm bringing Soup Sunday back with some butternut squash action tomorrow. SO HELLZ YES ABOUT DAT.

I'm hitting the hay. Mad love to my peoples.

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