We is moving y'all!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

So in the last 6ish months we had a baby, got married and now we're adding one more life changing event before the year is over because apparently it just hasn't been crazy enough.

We are MOVING!

We've definitely had some ups and downs with our living situation in the last 3 years so Josh and I are both really excited to settle in a home where we can raise our family for years and years to come.

Honestly, I feel like we made the decision to move a few weeks ago, found a house we liked online a few days later, saw it a few days after that and it was done. It's been an insanely fast process.

DC has been so wonderful and we have so many great memories in this city. 

I can't wait to tell my girls all about how they we're born and brought home in Washington, DC, rode the metro and played in their concrete backyard like true city kids. I'll also tell them all about the 3 and 4 stories I lugged them up and down with all the shit that comes with taking care of two kids on the go. My worst nightmare is coming home from the grocery store with both the babies passed out and 8 heavy ass bags to carry up. 

But soon we'll be saying BUH BYE to those stairs, PRAISE HIS LIGHT, and moving into our country jungle forest in Crownsville, Maryland.

The house is buried in the woods with a nice cleared yard for the kiddos to play in. I am so PUMPED about having a big backyard!!!! Not to mention 10 acres to explore on our new 4 wheeler!!!!! I gotta figure out how to drive one of those things...... LOOK OUT NOW.

We'll be moving out at the end of the month, just in time to move in and decorate for Christmas! I still don't really believe it's happening.. We keep saying it's not official until we get the keys so hopefully that actually happens this time around! Time to get packin.

Here's a few pictures I took at the place yesterday...

We miiiiight need a leaf blower, no?

I'll keep you updated as the process moves along.

I am so excited to decorate and settle in to this place you have NO IDEA. I'm already envisioning tree house plans so that's happening!!!!!! *Hint hint, Ed Thompson*

I hope November is treating you all well! Talk soon.



  1. How Awesome for you and the family!! I'm sure you will have lots of treasure hunts with all that land!

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