Nora: 8 months

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hi angels!

I can't believe how fast the end of 2015 is flying by. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family, have been settling into our new home AND we decided to keep the puppy. SHOCKING. I mean look at her. Little Christmas pup!

She's been learning really quickly and being so sweet with the girls. She sleeps all the time, it's crazy. I was expecting a little more activity!

But enough about that little munchkin and more about our other little munchkin..
Nora Leva June!

Our baby girl hit the 8 month mark this week and things have been changing quickly! I can already see my little baby turning into a little toddler. Her cradle cap, which I've been trying to get rid of for months, is finally falling off. Her baby eczema has started to clear up and her hair is growing out, the brown turning more blonde every day.

I'm so excited for all the fun changes to come in the next year with her but I'm mourning my little babe a bit! I won't be able to hold on to her for much longer!!!!!

M i l e s t o n e s  :  Nora has been crawling for a while now and took her first little step the other day! I have a feeling she'll be walking and running around here before the New Year. CRAZY TOWN!!!!

She got her first tooth not too long ago and has another one coming in on the bottom. It's been a bit scary breastfeeding her lately. She's bit me once already and that shit hurts!!!!!!

She hasn't been taking a bottle from anyone when Josh and I go out so we we're struggling with that a bit. We value getting a break from the kiddos here and there, so when you can't leave them without being worried, it's stressful! The other day I tried giving her a sippy cup with a soft straw and she loved it! Apparently she's just over the bottle.

Another new thing that has set in is her separation anxiety. If she can see me in the room and someone else is holding her, she becomes a hot mess! I've been doing some ducking... should I be ashamed? Nah......

F a v o r i t e  F o o d s  :  Feeding her real food has been a real roller coaster ride! We started giving her baby food at about 5 months and it went really well until she got a cold. Then she wouldn't take anything.

So we started trying to give her things from our own plates all mushed up because she seemed interested. That worked here and there. I don't know what happened but this week she just turned a leaf! She's been eating everything I give her and it's been so fun!

So far she loves yogurt and yogurt melts, guacamole and puffs.

S l e e p  :  Here and there she'll wake up for a middle of the night feeding/cuddle but most days she's sleeping 11 hours! HAAAAAALELLULJAH!!!!!

F a v o r i t e  A c t i v i t i e s  :  Nora loves walking around in her walker, "petting" the doggies (more like ripping their hair out), chewing on everything in site and pulling herself up. She's been exploring every nook and crannie, which has made cleaning and baby proofing real fun.

She gets the proudest look on her face when she's standing up without our help. Look at me homies!!! I'm about to be unstoppable!

She's also just recently discovered her tongue and has been doing all kinds of silly noises and spitting. It's adorable and kinda gross.

Q u i r k s  :   This girl is the all-time smirker. She is always looking at us with that face! What does she know?!

Her bottom lip is always poking out and she's mastered a pretty serious stare down. Basically she's got a better poker face than anyone in the family.

We love you so much, Nora girl!

You are such a happy baby and you bring so much joy to our lives every day! We just can't get enough of you, little angel.


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