We're baaaaaack..... in Maryland!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hellooooo my dear love bugs!!!

So much has happened since I last posted...

Thanksgiving (NOM) and moving (WOOF) and a puppy (WHAT?!). 

We moved into our new house a week and a day ago, and while moving is literally the fuggin' WORST, we are so happy to be here! I'm trying to take things day-by-day and not get overwhelmed with the chaos that is currently happening around us but that's easier said than done. My OCD wants everything to be cleaned, put away and organized STAT but I know that ain't happenin' for a hot minute. 

It's been a huge adjustment going from living on the 3rd floor of a city condo to living in a house in the woods. So far these are my observations...

1. It is quiet as FUCK out here. 
No sirens. No people talking outside the window. No helicopters flying over. No banging from neighbors on the other side of the wall. No car alarms. No street lights. No lights period. Quiet and dark.

2. The quiet and darkness is a little freaky but the star gazing is BANGIN'!!!!!!!

3. We're surrounded by farms and I can't wait to show up with my kids and ask about their produce... Hello? It's me. I've been wondering if after all... 

*Adele interlude*

4. Our street name is so long that Josh and I are looking into naming our driveway something different. So far, it seems possible.

5. I love that I don't have to worry about people stealing packages off our stoop anymore. HalleFUGGINluja.

6. I got a lot more house to clean.... #help

7. Bringing in groceries just got a hell of a lot easier. I've gone twice already and left the babies sleeping in the car while I unloaded, which is something I never could have done before. Again, hallelujah.

8. If I have to be up at 6:30, I much prefer a sunrise in the country.

9. Our kitchen is my favorite spot in the house. My latest project is acquiring as many succulents and herbs as possible for our windowsill. I've got it about half full at the moment! I'm working on this green thumb and can't wait to try out a garden in the spring!!!


11. We can light shit on fire whenever we want here. This is definitely Josh's favorite. And probably Hadley's, too. 

Here's some more pics from our new place...

We even set up the tripod to get a nice family photo before Thanksgiving. This red maple tree in front of our house is so pretty!

And a few more from lately... including our new pup, Madden! We're sort of "borrowing" her from my mom for a while to see if we can handle a new pup with the babies. My mom fosters puppies, and Josh and I both have a special spot in our hearts for black labs, so we just couldn't resist her! 

So far she's been a really great doggy. Nora literally sat on her face earlier today and she just took it like a champ. She has been nipping and scratching at Hadley when she's hyper and trying to play, so that's our biggest concern right now. We're working with her so I hope we'll be able to add her to this WACKY bunch!!

^^^At our newest and most FAVORITE grocery.. WEGMANS!!!!!! #weggies

This is my latest favorite picture of Hadley. I pulled out all the Christmas decorations and she is obsessed with the snow globes. She's been carrying around two all to herself and wanted to pose in front of the tree with one. 

She looks like such a big girl in those long johns and long locks! I can't take it!!!!!! 


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