Kauai or Bust

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This post was alternatively titled, "Suck on that, Blizzard Jonas".

This time last week I was starting to worry that we might never make it to Hawaii. We we're scheduled to leave at 9 AM on Saturday morning. At first they we're forecasting only 1-5 inches at the airport so I thought, that won't be a big deal.

The next day they we're forecasting 12 inches.


Our first attempt to change our flights to the day before, right before the blizzard was set to strike, was a big fail. They wanted at least $950 to change all of our tickets. Cue lots of cursing and some tears of sadness. Will we ever make it to paradise?!!!!!

But then the airline gods shed mercy on our vacation-yearning souls and waived all change fees.

I waited on hold for 45 minutes before an angel finally changed our flights to noon on Friday and didn't charge us a dime. 

(read in deep southern accent)

We made it to the airport as the flurries started falling. 

The 9 AM and 3 PM to Los Angeles we're both canceled but the 12 PM made it there.

They had to split up our seats a bit so there we're two people in between our row. Thankfully the nice man was kind enough to pass my children back and forth to me as they we're freaking the fuck out. 

All in all, they did pretty good. Nora was definitely not having sitting still but we we're able to distract Hadley with my bag of "surprises" most of the way. Potty training right before this trip was maybe not the smartest idea but I guess there's no good time to potty train. Both Josh and I got peed on and Hadley ended up in just a t-shirt and diaper at one point. This clan is always keepin' it classy, what can I say?

We stayed the night in LA and got to see one of my best galpals before we set off for another 6 hour flight to Kauai. 

This flight was awesome. Or as awesome as being stuck in a steel tube for 6 hours with two babes can be. The plane was so empty we each had our own row. Nora fell in love with the sweetest flight attendant and they kept giving us drinks on the house. SCORE.

AND I got to see two celebs... Bobby from Sons of Anarchy and Colbie Caillet, who was on our plane. I actually thought Josh was trying to yell out to Bobby while we we're walking by him so I called out to him "SOA!" only to realize Josh was answering his phone........... #embarrassed. Bobby gave me the side eye like some shit. My bad VP!

When we finally touched down in Kauai, the DC area was well on it's way to 3 feet of snow. My cousin and his girlfriend we're snowed in at our house with our maniac puppy and terrified Cali (thanks Tim & Shannon!), and my dad sent a photo of his deck table completely buried under snow. 

So basically, we're feeling like the luckiest ducks in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

 ^^Angelina Jolie up in here
^^Hadley jacked the empty airplane bottle

We went straight to the beach when we got there and Hadley jumped right on in, there was no stopping her. 

The house is so cozy and we settled right in. I think everyone was just super psyched not to be on planes anymore. 

The beach is so perfect for Hadley. The waves break far off in the distance so she has a nice, shallow area to play and swim in. Nora's been doing really well with the sand, too. I thought she'd be eating it or just hating it but so far she doesn't seem to mind it. She's been for a few swims as well.

Our beach is surrounded by a big coral reef and we've heard there are some 4-foot large turtles swimming around so I am on a mission to find them!!!! 

^^Ru's go-to face here... Sass, sass, sass

Yesterday we took a road trip to the other side of the island to drive to the top of Waimea Canyon.

The views we're breathtaking and we got to see our first Kauai waterfalls. I'll post more pictures from my camera when we get back!

We stopped off on the way back for some shrimp tacos at the Shrimp Station, fresh fruit & Hawaii's famous shave ice at JoJo's. 

The ride home was literally the car ride from hell as both babies lost their shit so we'll probably stick to the North Shore for the rest of the trip. I caught all the grandparents pouring stiff drinks when we got home so I think everyone was a little scarred -_-
No more extreme traveling, puhlease!

^^That face, again!

If you want to keep up with our happenings over here in paradise, I'll be posting more on Instagram @larrythomp. 

For those of you still snowed in your house.... suckas!!!!!

Just kidding, we love you. We're thinking of you and will send sunshine your way.

Larry's List: First Edition

Friday, January 15, 2016

I have a confession to make.

I've been neglecting someone in my life lately and I'm feeling bad about it.

And that someone is this poor little blog. 

I started this blog a little over two years ago. It was the beginning of Forever Fireflying and has lead me on this crazy small business journey that I'm so thankful for.

But lately it's become my last priority which makes me so sad!

While I love all the artistic realms I've been able to explore, writing was the reason I started all of this. Writing this blog has been so cathartic for me. It's connected me with people in ways I never thought and it's served as this awesome journal for my little family. And I'm definitely not ready to let that go!

So to help get me creatively "back in the game" I'm going to start this new weekly series,
Larry's List.

Let's address the first thing.... who is Larry?

I've talked about this a little before but I'll explain again.

I am Larry. 

I'm still not sure whether that's unfortunate or not?

Since there are 235 billion Laurens in the world, we had more than one in our group of friends. Things got complicated, people got drunk and somehow I ended up with the nickname..... Larry.

It's been around for about 8 years now.

When my mom has too many glasses of wine she calls me Larry, too. It's infectious I guess but I still picture a big ole man in my head when people say it.

But anywho, I thought it would be a fitting name for this list.

So my goal each week is to put together a list of things I feel like chatting about, sharing or just straight venting to you about. It will most likely be made up of complaints because you know.. #toddlers.

So lets jump in shall we...

1. I wrote this wonderfully optimistic potty training post last night. Only to get shit on twice today. By both my children. One of them I'm not even trying to potty train!!!!!!
^I just shit my pants, mom!!!!!!! You're welcome!!!!!!!

I like to share my anger, outrage and subsequent drinking on Snapchat so feel free to follow along @larrybeary88.

2. This 15 minute video of Adele driving around London with James Corden really perked me up after the first poop catastrophe today. Her cackle, his harmonizing and the Monster rap is EVERYTHING.

3. We had our first official play date at the new house today with 3 little galpals and their mama. It was super fun and confirmed my suspicion.. caring for children is easier in "herds".

4. We leave for Hawaii ONE WEEK from Saturday (HOLY HELL) and I'm equally terrified and excited. This is the first tropical vacation Josh and I have ever been on together. I'm really excited to plan a nice romantic day away for just us two. 

I'm terrifiedddddd of the flights. 

Luckily we just have one layover for each flight but if they're anything like our last flight experience in the Winter.... we're in some big trouble. 

PS if anyone has any suggestions on fun things to do or places to eat on the Kauai island, let me know!!!

5. Making a Murderer was so good and sad and frustrating and mind-blowing. If you have not watched, please do. It's available on Netflix.

6. If you're into Podcasts, Serial was also equally amazing and frustrating. It's based on a murder case in our area so that gave it a little added excitement/fear.

7. I just realized that when we get home from Hawaii it'll be time to start planning Nora's 1st birthday party..... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

^^^Straight chillin
8. It's casino night at Josh's holiday party this Saturday AND the band that played at our wedding is playing!!!! Snackbar Jones for the win! Mama gon' be DRUNK!!!!!!!

9. I want to give a big birthday shout out to my little sis, Devon!!!! Congrats on 25 years of always being the way better behaved child. Except for that time you got a drinking ticket in college :-P

This is Larry signing off.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.
Stay safe & stay thirsty.

Potty Training AKA Peepee on Teepee

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's aaaaaaallllllllllllll happening.

Here we are at the next major milestone.. ditchin da diapers.

This has been a long way coming.

I took this one year ago this week....

Dawwww, the paci!!! Such a wittle baby!

We never wanted to push the whole potty thing with Hadley before because she wasn't saying more than a few words to us at the time, let alone "I HAVE TO PEE!!!!" So we got a few potty options and had them around in case she ever got interested.

Once she hit two and started talking like a champ, she showed more interest in what exactly pee and poo were. I can't tell you how many times she's asked "I touch?" when I changed her or Nora's diapers. Or when she saw dog poop outside. 

This kid loves poop.

So last week, I got a wild hair while we we're home and decided to just let her run naked so we could try and break her out of these dang diapers!!!! 

She definitely peed herself a few times. Then she peed on the teepee.... and was like so pumped about it when I asked her. 

"Where did you pee, Hadley?" 

"I peepee on teepee, mama!!!!!!"

But once she went in the potty for the first time, she really started to get the hang of it. 

I also promised her chocolate chips every time she used it so... there's that.

It's been almost a week now since we've been practicing. She mastered pulling off her pants today so that was another exciting step. She's just so dang proud of herself, it's AHdorable.

There was one incident during this whole process.....

In the first few days it became this kind of game to find where she peed when she didn't go in the potty. I usually didn't see it happen so I'd ask her where. 

It only happened 3 or 4 times but one time she was in our room.

I asked her where she peed and she said on the bed.

But this wasn't like she was sleeping or laying in our bed and peed herself.....

She squatted at the head of our bed and peed right where our pillows are. RIGHT where our faces go. 

I just picture her in there snickering to herself as she jumps to the top of the bed and thinks, "This is for making me take a nap yesterday MOM!"

There is a bright side to this story though. 

At least she didn't take a shit.

I am so proud of you, Hadley girl! You showed that potty who's boss and I thank you for not taking a dump on my precious pillow. 

Good looks.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on our next challenge: leaving the house in undies. WOAH NOW.

Sweet dreams,

A look back at 2015 and goals for 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016, hello!!!!!

I'm being completely unoriginal by sharing some goals I'm setting, both personally and professionally, for this year ahead. But before I jump into all that, I think it's important to pause a moment and reflect on this truly CRAZY year we've had!

It's been one for the books for our family and for my little business.

I'll start with some of my favorite projects from this past year...

DIY Marbled Clay Dishes + Bridesmaid Gifts  ||  DIY Floral Letters
Fruit Parfait Popsicles  ||  2 Eggs Over Yeezy Print
DIY Hand Painted & Stamped Save the Dates  ||  DIY Wedding Guestbook

It was a big year for DIYs with a new nursery to decorate and a wedding to plan for. I had a lot of fun personalizing each with special touches and things I could make with my own two hands.

It was also a big year for illustrations over at Forever Fireflying!

After a couple of custom order requests from my best galpals, I started working on some freehand illustration projects. Honestly, this was probably one of the most stressful things I did this year. Stressful but fun! I've always dreaded drawing people but after some serious experimenting, I think I've found my own little style.

2 Eggs over Yeezy officially broke the Forever Fireflying box office. It was my number 1 seller this year and killed it at Christmas. So thanks, 'Ye.
I keep signing all of my Etsy letters to customers with, "Yeezy for Prez?"
I think most of them appreciate it...

You can see my other favorite illustrations from this year... Drake here and some silly Valentine's Day cards here.

I have some more plans for illustrations for the shop which I'll share a little later in this post.

Another big moment for my little business this year was my first web design project for a local small business called HERE. a pop-up shop.

It was definitely scary to take on something new for an established business. Amy and El are both so awesome, I didn't want to let them down! But I'm really proud of how it all turned out and am excited to be working on the next part of their site this month, an online shopping store!

You can see more about their website transformation at this post.

All in all, 2015 was a big success for Forever Fireflying.

I was able to more than double the number of page views for my Etsy shop, more than double the amount of custom orders I brought in and finally break out of the red zone in my finances!!!!


I'm excited for what's to come this year :)

Based on some fancy analytics, here we're some of your favorite posts from 2015...

You'd think in 2014 we must have said... Okay, in 2015, let's hit every major life event possible this year because... why the fuck not?!

Let's have another baby, get married, get another dog AND move.

Yeah, okay!!!! Sure!!!!!!

You guys seemed to enjoy watching the craziness unfold, too. So you're welcome.

I'll never forget the moment when Nora came into this world. Her permanent smirk kind of makes sense if you go back and read the birthing story... she was just knocking on the vaginal door down there.. hello!!!!! Let me out!!!! I've been here for a hot minute!!!

Always one-step ahead of the game.

Not much has changed in this little family of mine since we got married.

I'm finally changing my name so that's nice to officially join the Thompson clan. I guess we have some different paperwork to do this year. I do call him my huzzzzband every now and then, which still feels weird.

Our wedding was awesome. We got to stand in front of our favorite peeps in a beautiful setting and proclaim our love for one another (and for Chipotle).

I'll always remember these things about that day...

1. I should of hired babysitters. Set up was rough.
2. It was hot as ballz.
3. Josh said, "I fucking love you" and burst into tears as his vows #classclassclass
4. The flower crowns we're my favorite.
5. Chipotle was the star of the show (duh).
6. Josh almost threw me across the floor in our first dance. And I punched Hadley and knocked her down in our first dance. Success?
7. My dad was definitely holding Nora up on the dance floor at one point (like Lion King style) while Lil Jon was playing.
8. It was my favorite party of all time.
9. My huzzzzband is pretty amazing and I'm so glad I've trapped him forever!!!!!!!

I love you, Josh!!!!

While it was a truly insane year, I had so much fun with this little family and business of mine.

I learned a lot about running a business and throwing a wedding and caring for two babes and living in the woods. I've pulled more ticks off my dogs than I've ever wanted to, so there's a new skill. Yuck.

I played with my kids and yelled at my kids. There we're really wonderful days and complete shit days. I was patient and caring some days and a complete mess other days. I punched some pillows and screamed obscenities. I laughed until I cried and I drunkenly peed off our deck a few times.

All in all, I'm grateful. Everyone is healthy and happy and that's really all we can ask for.

So thanks for the memories 2015.

It's been real.


It's time for some 2016 goals, both personal and professional!
(and in no particular order.....)

1. Continue to work on my anger management.

Am I the only one who feels that rage boil up inside of me when my sweet tiny humans start acting like evil tiny humans???

This year, the year I started caring for double the amount of little babes, I noticed a significant increase in what I call, "losing my shit"... so I started working on it. Yoga was my first step in 2015 and in 2016 I'm going to try journaling, kick boxing and more Treat Yo'self days.

2. Speaking of Treat Yo'self days, I'd like to set more time aside for dates and one-on-one time with Joshyboy.

3. Add new art mediums to my shop. I'm working on some new calligraphy projects and I'm excited about doing some hand-painted calligraphy signs!

I also will be adding a few new characters to join Kanye & Drake. Annie & Rachel, I swear your presents will grace your presence one day soon!!!!

4. Continue to develop my web design skills and take a coding class.

One big project I'm putting on the docket for this year is tackling my own website! I'll be giving her a fresh new look and I just can't wait to set some time aside and really dive into that.

5. Take some hip hop dance classes because it's been too long since I've shaken dat a$$.

6. Take the girls to do more fun stuff and get outside more.

7. Make some new mom friends!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I'm lame!!!!!!!!!

8. Take a water color painting class.

9. Finally add my custom designs to my Etsy shop!!!! So many goodies, so little time!

I hope you enjoyed this little exercise of mine. I hope it inspired you to take a look back at your year and how things have changed or have stayed the same.

Time flies so quickly these days. I think it's important for all of us to stop every now and then and smell the roses.

I'm wishing you lots of burritos, hugs, dance parties and successes in 2016.


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