Kauai or Bust

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This post was alternatively titled, "Suck on that, Blizzard Jonas".

This time last week I was starting to worry that we might never make it to Hawaii. We we're scheduled to leave at 9 AM on Saturday morning. At first they we're forecasting only 1-5 inches at the airport so I thought, that won't be a big deal.

The next day they we're forecasting 12 inches.


Our first attempt to change our flights to the day before, right before the blizzard was set to strike, was a big fail. They wanted at least $950 to change all of our tickets. Cue lots of cursing and some tears of sadness. Will we ever make it to paradise?!!!!!

But then the airline gods shed mercy on our vacation-yearning souls and waived all change fees.

I waited on hold for 45 minutes before an angel finally changed our flights to noon on Friday and didn't charge us a dime. 

(read in deep southern accent)

We made it to the airport as the flurries started falling. 

The 9 AM and 3 PM to Los Angeles we're both canceled but the 12 PM made it there.

They had to split up our seats a bit so there we're two people in between our row. Thankfully the nice man was kind enough to pass my children back and forth to me as they we're freaking the fuck out. 

All in all, they did pretty good. Nora was definitely not having sitting still but we we're able to distract Hadley with my bag of "surprises" most of the way. Potty training right before this trip was maybe not the smartest idea but I guess there's no good time to potty train. Both Josh and I got peed on and Hadley ended up in just a t-shirt and diaper at one point. This clan is always keepin' it classy, what can I say?

We stayed the night in LA and got to see one of my best galpals before we set off for another 6 hour flight to Kauai. 

This flight was awesome. Or as awesome as being stuck in a steel tube for 6 hours with two babes can be. The plane was so empty we each had our own row. Nora fell in love with the sweetest flight attendant and they kept giving us drinks on the house. SCORE.

AND I got to see two celebs... Bobby from Sons of Anarchy and Colbie Caillet, who was on our plane. I actually thought Josh was trying to yell out to Bobby while we we're walking by him so I called out to him "SOA!" only to realize Josh was answering his phone........... #embarrassed. Bobby gave me the side eye like some shit. My bad VP!

When we finally touched down in Kauai, the DC area was well on it's way to 3 feet of snow. My cousin and his girlfriend we're snowed in at our house with our maniac puppy and terrified Cali (thanks Tim & Shannon!), and my dad sent a photo of his deck table completely buried under snow. 

So basically, we're feeling like the luckiest ducks in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

 ^^Angelina Jolie up in here
^^Hadley jacked the empty airplane bottle

We went straight to the beach when we got there and Hadley jumped right on in, there was no stopping her. 

The house is so cozy and we settled right in. I think everyone was just super psyched not to be on planes anymore. 

The beach is so perfect for Hadley. The waves break far off in the distance so she has a nice, shallow area to play and swim in. Nora's been doing really well with the sand, too. I thought she'd be eating it or just hating it but so far she doesn't seem to mind it. She's been for a few swims as well.

Our beach is surrounded by a big coral reef and we've heard there are some 4-foot large turtles swimming around so I am on a mission to find them!!!! 

^^Ru's go-to face here... Sass, sass, sass

Yesterday we took a road trip to the other side of the island to drive to the top of Waimea Canyon.

The views we're breathtaking and we got to see our first Kauai waterfalls. I'll post more pictures from my camera when we get back!

We stopped off on the way back for some shrimp tacos at the Shrimp Station, fresh fruit & Hawaii's famous shave ice at JoJo's. 

The ride home was literally the car ride from hell as both babies lost their shit so we'll probably stick to the North Shore for the rest of the trip. I caught all the grandparents pouring stiff drinks when we got home so I think everyone was a little scarred -_-
No more extreme traveling, puhlease!

^^That face, again!

If you want to keep up with our happenings over here in paradise, I'll be posting more on Instagram @larrythomp. 

For those of you still snowed in your house.... suckas!!!!!

Just kidding, we love you. We're thinking of you and will send sunshine your way.

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