Larry's List: First Edition

Friday, January 15, 2016

I have a confession to make.

I've been neglecting someone in my life lately and I'm feeling bad about it.

And that someone is this poor little blog. 

I started this blog a little over two years ago. It was the beginning of Forever Fireflying and has lead me on this crazy small business journey that I'm so thankful for.

But lately it's become my last priority which makes me so sad!

While I love all the artistic realms I've been able to explore, writing was the reason I started all of this. Writing this blog has been so cathartic for me. It's connected me with people in ways I never thought and it's served as this awesome journal for my little family. And I'm definitely not ready to let that go!

So to help get me creatively "back in the game" I'm going to start this new weekly series,
Larry's List.

Let's address the first thing.... who is Larry?

I've talked about this a little before but I'll explain again.

I am Larry. 

I'm still not sure whether that's unfortunate or not?

Since there are 235 billion Laurens in the world, we had more than one in our group of friends. Things got complicated, people got drunk and somehow I ended up with the nickname..... Larry.

It's been around for about 8 years now.

When my mom has too many glasses of wine she calls me Larry, too. It's infectious I guess but I still picture a big ole man in my head when people say it.

But anywho, I thought it would be a fitting name for this list.

So my goal each week is to put together a list of things I feel like chatting about, sharing or just straight venting to you about. It will most likely be made up of complaints because you know.. #toddlers.

So lets jump in shall we...

1. I wrote this wonderfully optimistic potty training post last night. Only to get shit on twice today. By both my children. One of them I'm not even trying to potty train!!!!!!
^I just shit my pants, mom!!!!!!! You're welcome!!!!!!!

I like to share my anger, outrage and subsequent drinking on Snapchat so feel free to follow along @larrybeary88.

2. This 15 minute video of Adele driving around London with James Corden really perked me up after the first poop catastrophe today. Her cackle, his harmonizing and the Monster rap is EVERYTHING.

3. We had our first official play date at the new house today with 3 little galpals and their mama. It was super fun and confirmed my suspicion.. caring for children is easier in "herds".

4. We leave for Hawaii ONE WEEK from Saturday (HOLY HELL) and I'm equally terrified and excited. This is the first tropical vacation Josh and I have ever been on together. I'm really excited to plan a nice romantic day away for just us two. 

I'm terrifiedddddd of the flights. 

Luckily we just have one layover for each flight but if they're anything like our last flight experience in the Winter.... we're in some big trouble. 

PS if anyone has any suggestions on fun things to do or places to eat on the Kauai island, let me know!!!

5. Making a Murderer was so good and sad and frustrating and mind-blowing. If you have not watched, please do. It's available on Netflix.

6. If you're into Podcasts, Serial was also equally amazing and frustrating. It's based on a murder case in our area so that gave it a little added excitement/fear.

7. I just realized that when we get home from Hawaii it'll be time to start planning Nora's 1st birthday party..... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

^^^Straight chillin
8. It's casino night at Josh's holiday party this Saturday AND the band that played at our wedding is playing!!!! Snackbar Jones for the win! Mama gon' be DRUNK!!!!!!!

9. I want to give a big birthday shout out to my little sis, Devon!!!! Congrats on 25 years of always being the way better behaved child. Except for that time you got a drinking ticket in college :-P

This is Larry signing off.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.
Stay safe & stay thirsty.


  1. LT (just trying that on for size)

    Kauai has the only winery in HI - lucky you! It's up the mountain big time... But fun and totally worth the gorgeous (and culturally unique - compared to tourist beaches) country drive!

    On your way there...there is a goat farm with goat cheese, milk and ice cream (the kids would love it)! And also on your way... There is a lavender farm :-)

    My aunt used to live there so we did all those stops in one day. I'll get the names written down.

    See you tonight. I can't wait to squeeze your babies!

    Keep writing ...we're reading :-)

    Love ya,

    1. Texted my aunt! She said those are the things we did on Maui :-( damn it!

      But she is going to send me some ideas!


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