Potty Training AKA Peepee on Teepee

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's aaaaaaallllllllllllll happening.

Here we are at the next major milestone.. ditchin da diapers.

This has been a long way coming.

I took this one year ago this week....

Dawwww, the paci!!! Such a wittle baby!

We never wanted to push the whole potty thing with Hadley before because she wasn't saying more than a few words to us at the time, let alone "I HAVE TO PEE!!!!" So we got a few potty options and had them around in case she ever got interested.

Once she hit two and started talking like a champ, she showed more interest in what exactly pee and poo were. I can't tell you how many times she's asked "I touch?" when I changed her or Nora's diapers. Or when she saw dog poop outside. 

This kid loves poop.

So last week, I got a wild hair while we we're home and decided to just let her run naked so we could try and break her out of these dang diapers!!!! 

She definitely peed herself a few times. Then she peed on the teepee.... and was like so pumped about it when I asked her. 

"Where did you pee, Hadley?" 

"I peepee on teepee, mama!!!!!!"

But once she went in the potty for the first time, she really started to get the hang of it. 

I also promised her chocolate chips every time she used it so... there's that.

It's been almost a week now since we've been practicing. She mastered pulling off her pants today so that was another exciting step. She's just so dang proud of herself, it's AHdorable.

There was one incident during this whole process.....

In the first few days it became this kind of game to find where she peed when she didn't go in the potty. I usually didn't see it happen so I'd ask her where. 

It only happened 3 or 4 times but one time she was in our room.

I asked her where she peed and she said on the bed.

But this wasn't like she was sleeping or laying in our bed and peed herself.....

She squatted at the head of our bed and peed right where our pillows are. RIGHT where our faces go. 

I just picture her in there snickering to herself as she jumps to the top of the bed and thinks, "This is for making me take a nap yesterday MOM!"

There is a bright side to this story though. 

At least she didn't take a shit.

I am so proud of you, Hadley girl! You showed that potty who's boss and I thank you for not taking a dump on my precious pillow. 

Good looks.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on our next challenge: leaving the house in undies. WOAH NOW.

Sweet dreams,

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