Larry's List: Painting (fail)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Soooooooo, Josh & I had a brilliant plan to paint Hadley's room this past weekend so we can get these house updates rolling.

I told him the first space I really want to focus on is our room.

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with sick babies, lots of work coming in and feeling like I haven't had much time to myself. So my answer to that?
A master bedroom oasis where I can escape the crazy!!!!!

So why did we paint Hadley's room then?

Well for one, most of the carpets in this house are 15 years old and badly need to be replaced (or deep, deep cleaned). So before doing that, we wanted to paint, knowing that we would most likely spill (spoiler alert: we did). And once the painting is done, we can get all the bedroom carpets replaced.

So, step 1: Paint Hadley's room.

Step 2: Drink too much beer.

Step 3: Totally fuck up Hadley's room.

I was responsible for buying the beer so I guess there is no one else to blame but me. I decided it would be a great idea to try the Flying Dog Double IPA at 11.something% alcohol.

Here are several reasons we should have hired someone to do this job...

1. It gets old.

I was having a blast in the beginning.
Music was playing, the girls we're having fun with us, we we're all working toward a common goal.
Go Team Thompson!

But after a few hours, we we're all over it.

2. Letting your 2 year old paint the walls is totally a great idea for the first couple of minutes. I kept thinking, "God, I'm cool. Hadley is going to love us forever. We're so good at this parenting thing!"

And then I quickly began to hate myself when she asked to paint again for the 967th time and I kept finding new drips all around the bottoms of the wall...... thanks, Had.
But great circles, for real!

3. The ceilings are vaulted. UGH.

Usually I would never UGH vaulted ceilings.. but in this case, UGH.

4. The professionals don't even use tape and they knock it out in like 4 hours. We're still not even finished 4 days later.

5. Josh should never be trusted with a paint brush after 6 beers.

I took the girls for a bit while he worked on the tall parts. After probably 45 minutes I started getting curious on how it was going and went to check on him.

Oh my god. It was a shit show. And SO funny.

He was trying to do the top of the wall (connected to the ceiling) and he was trying it with no tape.

His first words to me we're, "I thought it would get better........."


I asked him to please, step back from that ledge my friend.

6. We'll most likely be painting touch ups for the next 6 months.

7. We have several more rooms in the house that we want to paint but will most likely be hiring help from here on out.

If you're interested in being our go-to house painter, please contact me before we decide, "We've learned from this experience" or "We can do it this time! No beer! More tape!"

^I have 13 more photos like this.
^I spy a naked butt

You can see more room updates from the old place here, here & here.


Our Time in Kaua'i

Monday, February 22, 2016

It's been over three weeks since we landed back on the East Coast after spending 7 glorious days on the island of Kaua'i. 

It was absolutely beautiful and absolutely too short of a trip.

If you missed part one of this trip, you can find more at this post.

The whole reason we went on this trip was because we got an awesome deal with our wedding venue when we decided to get married on a Thursday. If you're planning a wedding, I still have no regrets about that decision!

We stayed in a home on the North Shore of the island. You can find it here on VRBO.. it was so cozy! We felt so comfortable the minute we got there.

Once we landed one thing was very apparent.. holy chickens!!!! There we're chickens EVERYWHERE on this island. Hadley loved chasing and feeding them. I wanted to bring some home but I think Cali would eat them.

The island is very small and has just one main highway running up it's East coast. The Southern side is very dry and the Northern side, where we stayed, is more tropical. If we ever go back, I would definitely want to stay either where we did or near Hanalei. The little town there was so cute!

The beach could not have been more perfect for the kiddos.

It was super calm (when the 100 foot waves weren't around at least!), we got to snorkel and go "turtle hunting" every day. I got some pictures on our underwater camera of the giant sea turtles that we're camped near a reef at our beach and can't wait to see them! I'll post some once they're developed. These things we're like 4 feet around, so cool! I kept thinking of Finding Nemo.

Hadley was a champ with her inner tube and almost took off for the beach by herself one day, she was that obsessed. Luckily, Josh caught her before she went across the street.. crazy lady!!!!

^The tunnel to the beach was one of my favorite spots! And, sleepy much? So many early mornings with this girl.

We went to eat at Bubba's Burgers in Hanalei, which was so good! If they have their BBQ sauce with rhubarb on special, definitely get it.

Then we headed over to the pier at Hanalei, which I think was my favorite place we visited. The contrast of the ocean with the mountains was just so beautiful.

The water was super crazy this day.

They closed all the beaches on the island for a few days because of record waves. There we're famous surfers out there with their jet skis and helicopters flying over filming them, it was that intense. I had never seen waves like this in my life, they we're going in so many different directions! It was kind of freaky to watch!

 ^^Those rolls!!!!!!!!
^^I love this one of Hadley :)

Queen's Bath was also a really cool spot. 

This was when the beaches we're closed and the waves we're recorded at 100 feet out in the ocean, so we weren't able to go swimming or really experience the baths, which was a bummer. Still beautiful views! The trail entrance is right in a neighborhood, so that's a little weird, but definitely worth checking out.

^^That water was raging!
^^Jojo's Shave Ice was delish, and massive!

One day, Josh and I left the kiddos with the grandparents and went hiking to the Hanakapi'ai Falls.

It was honestly, so hard.

The first two miles weren't bad. The trail was pretty large and lots of people we're on that portion. The views of the Na Pali Coast we're incredible, definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my life!

The 3rd and 4th miles up to the actual waterfall we're definitely more challenging. It was a much more narrow trail with lots of rocks, mud and streams to cross.

It was super cool but we we're definitely ready to take a break once we finally made it and saw THIS!

That water was SOOOO cold!

It was basically a polar plunge.

After a short swim and a short lunch, we packed it up and headed back for another 4 miles.

It was so rough on the way back. I've never wanted a helicopter to come scoop me up more in my life. There we're tons flying over... help us! Bring beer!

We ran out of water right when the uphill, sunny part started and I thought Josh was going to throw himself off the cliff he was so over it. Thankfully, he didn't do that and we survived!

I totally ate shit on some rocks though! Luckily, no other hikers had to witness my really graceful face plant so I'm really grateful for that. I hung on to a little bit of my dignity :-P

So was it worth it?!

Maybe not for a "leisure date day" but definitely a bucket list! I'll never forget this place!

^^This was well deserved after 8 miles!

Kaua'i, you we're so beautiful and so good to us!

I'll miss your fresh produce, delicious poke, my girls' curls, beautiful views at every turn, warm sand, crazy chickens and giant sea turtles.

Thank you for so many great memories :)

And while we we're soaking up the sun in the Pacific Ocean, everyone else back on the East Coast was shoveling snow for days on end. I still can't believe we missed the blizzard of the century! I feel like we missed all of Winter, which I'm not that sad about.

Before I sign off, I'll leave you with this adorable video of Hadley singing along with Ed Sheeran in Paradise!


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