Nora: 10 months

Monday, February 15, 2016

Nora Leva June, you little animal, you!

Our baby girl hit the 10 month mark last week and she has turned into a little toddler over night.

She took her first steps almost two weeks ago, loves to sneak off and climb the stairs and she's waving on command.. which is the cutest freaking thing ever.

M i l e s t o n e s  :  

Our girl is turning into a little chatty Kathy. She loves the ba ba ba sound and can say "bye-bye" and do her wave. She's also said "ma ma" before but I haven't gotten her to say it again... come on Roo! 

Her second tooth on the bottom finally came through right before Hawaii. It was way harder for her than the first one and I felt like it took forever. Hopefully these next ones won't be so rough -_- Damn you teething!

Every morning I build a barricade in front of the stairs to keep this kid from crawling up them by herself. She climbs up fine but then she gets to the top and peers over like she's going to throw herself off the cliff... #DoLess. My barricade is highly sophisticated.. it started with one chair, then a chair and a stool, and now we're locked in at two chairs and a stool. We'll see how long it takes her to master this set up.

She's getting more and more confident in her walking. Her face still lights up every time she does it, she's just so proud! She's definitely not feeling the shoes though.. I got her a new pair of good walking shoes and when she first tried them on she was taking big foot steps. And then she was over it, real quick. 

This girl is also a clapping & dancing machine. She got this singing robot (which reminds me of a baby rave toy) for Christmas and is still obsessed with it. Hadley digs the ABC and counting songs it does, too.

Also, this new amusement ride in our house always cracks me up...
F a v o r i t e  F o o d s  : 
I'd say Nora's favorite food is still the boobie....
We're still nursing, which I'm so happy about!, but I am trying to get her on more and more solid foods. I really need those top teeth to come in so she can start going to down on turkey legs & racks of ribs :-P
Her favorites are mostly anything off my own plate. This kid likes flavor and has never really liked baby food all that much. 
She loves roasted veggies (sweet potato is probably her favorite), peas, hummus, tomato soup, yogurt and ice cream. These girls of mine definitely inherited my love of chocolate!
^^She was sucking these BBQ wings dry during the Super Bowl. So American of you, Roo!

S l e e p  :

Ahhhhhhhh, sleep. The best topic.

Nora has gone from being a bomb ass sleeper at 8 months to kinda sucking at 10 months. 

I'm sure it has something to do with her teeth coming in and having a cold for so long after we got back from Hawaii (and the fact that her sleep schedule has been so off with the traveling!) but she's been up wanting to nurse a lot in the middle of the night. She doesn't even eat, she just soothes herself back to sleep. 

But it's no fun for me because she's also been biting me a lot when she's tired.. and that shit is NOT COOL!!!!!! She even gives me this devilish look after she does it like, "Ha ha ha, you sucker." 

Now that we're back home for good for a while, I'm hoping we can get her back on track to sleeping in her own bed, all night! Wish us luck!

^^Doesn't she look like a little Hadley there?? 

F a v o r i t e    A c t i v i t i e s  :

Climbing the stairs, tearing apart any drawer she can get her hands on (tossing diapers is an all-time favorite), cupboard hunting and pillaging, food tossing, toilet swimming (ew gross, I promise that hasn't happened but not for lack of trying) and peek-a-boo.

Q u i r k s  :

This kid still has a strong smirk. It's so cute and kind of unnerving.

What does she know?......

Nora's also picked up this weird habit of biting? the floor when she gets mad. I haven't captured a picture or video yet but she basically puts her face to the floor, tries to bite it and then sits up and grunts angrily at us? I have no idea.

^^My mama's girl! I finally got one!!!! :-P

We love you so much, Roo :)

Even though you weight about as much as your big sister, you'll always be my little, sweet baby girl.

I can't believe it's time to start planning your 1st birthday already. 
It's exciting and a little sad all at the same time! 

And lastly, I'd like to add a little message for my granddad, who passed away last week on the same day Nora turned 10 months. 

My granddad, Wayne Douglas "Big Daddy" Hudson, passed away at the age of 72 years old. He had 8 children, lived in Tennessee and loved fox hunting. He also loved gathering the whole crazy family together for breakfast, and will always be famous in my eyes for the chipped beef and biscuits he made. 

I'm so happy we were able to travel down there this weekend to be with family and celebrate his life. 

Big Daddy, I am so glad you were able to meet your first great grandbaby, Hadley, last year. I wish you could have met Nora before you passed because I'm sure you would have been buds.. But I'm sure you will, one day. 

I am so grateful we we're able to come see you one more time before they laid you to rest. Even under not-so-great circumstances, it was nice for us all to be together, celebrating your life. 

Rest easy and don't worry, I'll continue to pass on our mutual love for breakfast to future generations.

I love you.

^^Big Daddy and his bouncers?

Here's a little post from our first trip down to Tennessee when Hadley got to meet Big Daddy.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with loved ones.

Here's to celebrating love and the people we care about all 365 days of the year!


  1. I'm sorry about the sleep. I hope it gets better! H.G. is slooowwwllly getting better. Last night she woke up once! It was amazing. I didn't even care that my boobs were rock hard. LOL and She does the SAME biting thing!!!! What the heck?! She did go after my shoulder once and bit me hard! We nipped stopped that action ASAP. Now she just puts her open mouth on me and doesn't bite down, thankfully! Biting with teeth hurts!


    1. HG!!!! It must feel good for those little teeth, I'm sure! Ugh, just got her back down after an hour of off-and-on crying. WAHHHHH! That is awesome she only got up once last night! Isn't it amazing?! I'm hoping once she starts running around more she'll really sleep hard :) Wishful thinking? #motherhood #wheresthewine


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