DMV Feature: Watkins Regional Park

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last week Spring shined her beautiful face and graced us with temperatures up in the 70s (even got to 80 at one point!!!) so me and the girls took advantage and explored a new park!

A local mom mentioned something about a brand new Wizard of Oz playground and I knew we had to check that out. 

Little did I know there was a nature center and farm there, too, so it was pretty awesome!

When you arrive at Watkins Regional Park, there is tons of parking right near the playground area. There are also bathrooms right in the parking lot and more closer to the playground, something I'm used to looking for immediately at new places now.

It's just not that fun running around in circles like a headless chicken when your two year old proclaims to the entire playground, "I gotta poo, Ma!!!!!"

There is a large pathway leading up to the playground, with a sparkly yellow brick road and colorful overhang that creates a sidewalk rainbow. 

The playground has several different features including lots of swings, red sparkly shoe slides, Dorothy's house, farm animal rocking horses, Oz's castle and more. The day we went it got up to 80 degrees and there was no awning right over the playground so it can definitely get hot!

Surrounding the playground are tons of trails in the woods, area for picnics and picnic tables with coverings. It's the perfect place to bring lunch and take a break in the shade.

Down the path past the playground is Watkins Nature Center.

The nature center was a really nice break from the heat that day, and the girls loved having such a close up view of so many critters!

They had TONS of turtles, which Hadley is still obsessed with since Hawaii, so that was really fun for her. They also had snakes, frogs, owls, hawks and one bearded dragon.

There was a puppet show stage for the kiddos, books and some cool tactile games for them to play. They also offer classes and activities that look fun for the wee ones.

Across the street from the playground were some more trails, an antique carousel, mini golf, train rides and a farm with the biggest pigs I've ever seen.

The golf, carousel and train are all closed until May so we'll definitely be heading back there to check those out! Hadley is also really obsessed with trains these days so I know she will love that!

^^Doesn't Hadley look like a giant in this picture?! WAH.

The Old Maryland Farm was down a walking path past the mini golf and carousel.

There we're so many gigantic animals there. The biggest bunny rabbits, pigs and turkey I had ever seen. There we're chickens, horses, a donkey, a sheep with new baby lambs, really cool looking peacocks, goats and llamas.

Everything we enjoyed that day, the playground, Nature Center and farm, we're all free. There was no charge for parking, either. I believe there are charges for the train, carousel and mini golf come Summer.

We had a really great time exploring this new area, and while it's a good 30 minute drive for us, I definitely think it will be worth making another day trip there when more of the fun stuff opens in the Summer months.

Big thanks to my Nextdoor Gals for telling us about this awesome place!


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