Hadley Says: Volume 1

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Now that our homegirl is fully comfortable using that little voice of hers, I think it's time to start documenting all the ridiculousness that comes out of her mouth.

And lately, it is sass, sass and more sass.

She's basically not living unless she's telling us what to do these days. Bossy is her new middle name and she is rockin' it hard.

Her latest demands....

"Don't touch pee, Roo!"

"Lay down, daddy."
"Go to sleep, daddy."

"Ma!!!! MA!!!! I hungry for food, Ma."

She's been calling me "Ma" a lot these days. I'm not sure why she made the switch.. I know I love to refer to myself as "Ma" a lot when I'm joking around so maybe she started to pick up on that? Either way, it cracks me up.

"I need to poop, Mama!" AKA.. come wipe my ass!

Me: Hadley, do you want some cucumbers?
Hadley: NOPE.

Hadley: This is daddy's bed!
Me: You know I sleep here, too....
Hadley: No, this is daddy's bed.

"My daddy!!!!! Get off him!!!"

We literally had a wrestling match one night because she didn't want me to cuddle with Josh. She's really taking the whole "daddy's girl" to another level. Back off homie, he was mine first!!! :-P

Daddy: Hadley, listen to your mama and help us clean up your room.
Hadley: No thanks, I'm okay.
Daddy: Help us clean now.
Hadley: Okay, fiiiiiiine (soooo exasperated).

"Put phone down, Ma!"

Me giving Hadley medicine...

Hadley: Yay! Medicine! For me?!
Me: Yes for you, Hadley.
She takes a lick of the medicine. Makes a face.
Hadley: You can give the rest to Roo.
Me: But you're the one who needs it, Roo isn't sick.
Hadley: Well, I feel better now.

"No, I sing, Ma!"
"Don't dance, Ma!"
It's a rare and wonderful day when she lets me sing with her in the car!!!!

"Turn the light off! I go to sleep now!"

She's been super girly these days, obsessing over my purses, make up, The Little Mermaid and her Minnie Mouse high heels. She loves having her nails painted and even lets me braid her hair every once in a while, which is big for a kid who is running around constantly.

I surprised her with an Ariel nightgown (on clearance at Target for like $3) and she wore it for 3 days straight. It's a struggle to get it off her and in the washing machine.. AKA Ariel's "bath". I'll definitely be picking up a bunch more of those next time I'm at Target! We need reinforcements!

The other day she told me she was mama and I was Hadley, which only lasted a few seconds because then she wanted to be the baby. She found some of Nora's old pacifiers and when I wasn't catching her with two in her mouth at once, she was telling me, "I need pacifier to sleep, Ma."

How does she remember sleeping with those?! It's been over a year!

While bossy is her current middle name, Hadley is still our sweet little angel.

Here are some of her latest sweet sayings...

"Hi mama, hi daddy, how did you sleep?"

We ask her this every morning when she wakes up so it is super sweet to hear her ask us when she comes in in the morning :) Warms my heart!

"How was your day, daddy?"

 "I'll take care of your booboo."

"I love you, ma, I missed you."

"I want to lay with you, mama."

She's also still really sweet with Nora. Now that Nora is walking and really asserting herself as a new force in the house, her and Hadley have been butting heads a little bit more. They're starting to fight over toys, which mostly consists of Hadley taking things from Nora and Nora losing her shit.

The other day Nora pushed Hadley down and we all couldn't help but giggle because (a) it was the first time that had ever happened and I kept telling Hadley she had it coming and (b) Nora was sooooo proud of herself.

But even amongst this new struggle.. these girls are just so sweet together.
Sweet sisters!

"I hold you, Roo!"

Every time I put Nora to sleep for her nap Hadley runs to me asking where she is. Then she bolts for the stairs and says, "I go see." She loves peeking in her room to see her asleep.

And in case you're a Sons of Anarchy fan.... I couldn't resist this photo edit when I saw this picture on Josh's phone.

Kills me every time! My little old ladies.

Hadley LuAnne, you are a little rascal these days!!!!
You don't listen to me for shit but I sure do love you!!!!!!!!! Even when I'm chasing you through dog poop to get you back in this house!!!!!

I love you, sugar pie.

Love, "Ma"

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