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Friday, March 25, 2016

I love my kids, they're pretty awesome.

But mama needs some mama time.

I've blogged countlessly about activities for the kiddos, favorite toys, favorite apps and the cutest outfits for little ones. It's adorable and sweet but sorry kids... Mom is front and center today!!!!!!

^^I keep picturing some lunatic dance mom shoving her kids out of the way on stage to take the spotlight... with throw up on her shirt and frazzled hair. I don't know... it's been a long week. The image keeps making me chuckle.


Ergo, my new series brilliantly entitled, "Mom Stuff".

The creative juices worked over time there, am I right?!

Sidenote: Bearing children is not required to enjoy these simple pleasures.

One of my latest favorite "escapes", if you will, is listening to a good podcast in the car.
When you spend most of your days surrounded by tiny people who are still learning how to communicate, it can be really nice to have an adult around. Even if they're just coming through your speaker to tell you a story that gets your wheels turning a little more than The Hungry Caterpillar and the fucking Wheels on the Bus. 

I never really understood the vast and wonderful world of podcasts until I met Josh and started listening to NPR with him. This American Life quickly became a favorite, so when they came out with Serial, it was only logical to see what all the hype was about.

And the hype was well deserved. I was hooked just a few minutes in.

The content can be a bit dark so be sure to take that into account with your little ones in the car, but for me, the talking usually knocks my kids out even faster than music does.

Season 1 focuses on a murder story that actually took place not too far from where we live... creeeeeepy.

I started listening to this just as we started watching Making a Murderer on Netflix as well so it was just a big murder mystery extravaganza. I was into it!!!!

Season 2 investigates Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier who left his post in Afghanistan and was captured by the Taliban. He spent 5 years as a POW and through this podcast, you get to hear his own story as well as several of those involved both stateside and overseas. It's also been interesting to listen to as the 2016 election, or what I've started referring to in my head as doomsday, looms closer.

I don't want to give more than that away.. you just have to listen!

Do you have any favorite podcasts?

As a gal new to the podcast bandwagon, I need all your suggestions!!!!

Happy Friday sweetie pies & enjoy your Easter weekend!

Hippity hop hop,

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  1. First I want to say I love your blog! Your babes are too cute and you have the mom life I want myself later down the road, so thanks for sharing!

    I drive all the time for my job so I've recently turned to podcasts myself. You might want to check out Radiolab as it's reminiscent of This Anerican Life. Stuff Mom Never Told You can be a fun listen sometimes too, the girls are nerdy and they cover some interesting topics. I also like NPR politics for my doomsday prepping ;D

    1. Rachel! Thank you so much, you are too sweet :)

      OMG, I can't wait to add these to my playlist. Thank you, thank you!!!


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