Nora Turns ONE!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our youngest babe turned one year old two weekends ago and we had such a blast celebrating her!

It was our first major shindig in the new house so that was pretty exciting. A lot of our family and friends hadn't seen the place yet so it was the perfect excuse to show off #TheThompsonWoods!

The weather that day was truly nuts.

We wanted to do most of the party outside on the deck and in the yard but we woke up to grey skies, which turned to hail and then turned to snow by 10 am.

Luckily the sun showed her pretty face that afternoon and it ended up being a pretty nice day!!

I like to pick out a theme for the girls' birthday parties so for Nora's we went with good ole confetti.

I love all the different things you can do with a confetti theme but be prepared to be cleaning up forEVER afterwards. We still have tons of paper confetti around the house but it just makes everyday seem like a party, am I right?!

This year I wanted to have all the food catered and just focus on making the cake and cupcakes. For Hadley's 1st birthday party I remember trying to make all the food and desserts and didn't get to relax and enjoy the party until 3 hours after it started.

Hashtag mistake.

So, I'm learning!
This year I was only about 45 minutes late to the party.

The new car was a big party hit. 
All the kiddos had fun running over feet at the party. 

^^Sprinkle face!
^^Big sis made out like a bandit, too
 ^^Next day sprinkle hangover, still in her party dress.
Reminds me of a certain someone in college..............

Nora Leva June, we all love you so much!

Your giggle and squeals of excitement bring a smile to everyone's face. Your leg rolls are some of the best in the game and I'm so sad that they will most likely be gone come this time next year.

Thank you for always feeding everyone around you, sharing all your different noises with us and being the best cuddle bug there is.

Happy birthday, sugar!

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