Spring Playlist

Friday, April 1, 2016

It's FRIDAY!!! 


AND April Fools Day! 

Are you guys pranking?? I'm still trying to think how I can get Josh.. hopefully he's not reading this right now.

Sadly, the warm weather is here but so is the rainstorm. I guess that's Spring weather for ya but I've been enjoying the warm days we've been getting lately.

Nothing pumps me up like windows down, music blasting outcha mini van kind of days!

I wonder what college-me would think of mini-van-me? She'd probably laugh, "Who let that girl procreate??"

I put together a playlist of my latest favorite jams to share with you guys.

Forewarning: my music taste is random as some shit but I hope you can dig it!
Enjoy your weekend, angels!


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