Happy 3rd Birthday Hadley girl!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hadley LuAnne Stacy..


I know I'll say this every single year but I cannot believe it's been 3 years since you we're born. You changed my life and your dad's life in the best way possible and I feel so lucky to call you our baby girl!

So far in life your favorite things are strawberry popsicles, chips + guacamole, daddy, the colors pink & red, Minnie Mouse, swimming/hoses/oceans/all forms of water, playing with the big girls, old school Chip & Dale cartoons, jingle bells, being chased & your doggie Cali (not Madden, you don't like her, you've made that clear). 

You don't like bees or spiders, nap time, bed time or Madden (I'm sure you'll come around one day). 

Your 2nd year was exciting and challenging.

You started talking! 

You really held out on us for a long time but then you found your voice and you have not lost it since. I love hearing your imagination blossom and it never gets old hearing that little voice say, "I love you, mama."

^^She's making the same face as baby Nora here :-P
^^This is a look I think I'll be getting a lot in 10 years. 

You are such a sweet, attentive and caring little girl. You take care of your sister and are always asking me if I feel better when I'm tired, sick or just fed up with something. I love when you introduce Nora to strangers, "This is my Roo-ey." They always look at you a little funny like, "What did she say?" while I'm over there beaming ear-to-ear. 

Like many two year olds, you we're full of emotions. 
There we're lots of ups & downs, tantrums and bed time battles. You're a passionate little gal and that means when you don't want to stop the fun, you reallllly don't want to stop the fun. I keep wondering if I let you play for as long as possible how long you would really go. Boundless energy, I tell ya!

You love your daddy like no other. He puts you to bed almost every night and I'm a lucky girl when you actually ask me to read you a bedtime story!!! I'm always honored!! 

One of my favorite memories from this year was laying in bed with you when you asked me to stay and put you to sleep. I think it was mid-April and we we're laying facing each other. I was scratching your arm and we started singing jingle bells. I catch you randomly singing it all the time and it always makes me chuckle. For some reason, I'll always remember that and it'll always warm my heart.

Our days around here aren't always perfect but you make me laugh and put a smile on my face every single day. And I hope, throughout the years, that I can do that for you, too. 


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