DIY: Family Growth Chart

Friday, June 24, 2016

After almost two years of chilling in our many different garage(s), I finally finished this DIY project!

This poor piece of wood has been through two moves with us but it finally has found it's home in our basement playroom. I'm pretty excited about how it came out and Hadley is already obsessed with measuring her height every 5 seconds. 

I think we'll be explaining the whole slow growing concept for a while.

I used a 6" x 72" x 1" piece of wood. 

Definitely check out the reclaimed wood section of your hardware store. I've been able to get some steals from Home Depot for many of my projects. 

I painted 6" white stripes along the board. You could do so many different things with this which is what makes it so fun! Stain it, paint it different colors, keep it bare with black writing like an old school ruler. The sky is the limit!

I used a sharpie to mark off the inches. I started the numbers at 6" so I could hang it 6" from the floor. I painted over the numbers and big lines in black acrylic paint to help it stand out more.

 We might have some Amazonian women on our hands so I made sure it went up to 6 and a half feet! You best believe they gon be gettin' measured before da senior prom, come on hunnies!!!!!
Mama's got the sharpie!!!

The best part about this project is that you don't have to leave these memories behind. If you ever move, you can take your gigantic ruler with you to your next home.

This project was really simple and I feel pretty dumb for letting it sit in my garage for so long. Glad it's finally getting put to use!

Happy Friday little birds <3

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