Hadley's 3rd Birthday Party

Monday, June 27, 2016

Our little boo turned 3 years old a few weeks back and we had her a little Minnie Mouse birthday party to celebrate.

It was so special because Hadley's mimi, pa, aunt and baby cousin we're all in town visiting us from Montana so we we're so happy to celebrate all together!

I think she got 234324 Minnie Mouse outfits. She was super pumped about it and wears this skirt almost every day.

^^Aren't these amazing?? Huge thank you to my friend Elizabeth for making these beauties!!! They we're delicious, too! 

It's been so fun watching the girls play these days! Nora is getting so interactive with her and I love listening to Hadley "teach" her things. Right now they sound more like loud demands. She's very bossy and it cracks me up. 

^^that hand on the head!
^^Don't mind me.. just chillin' on the new chaise
^^New favorite picture ever.

Hadley Lu, we love you so much baby girl!!! I can't believe you're THREE!!


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