Hadley Says: Volume 2

Monday, July 18, 2016

It's Monday and after a week away visiting friends and family down South, Josh is back to work and we're back to the grind.

So I think it's high time for some three year old silliness to cheer up my Monday blues!

If you've lived with a three year old before, you know that it can be pretty entertaining.
That is, when they're not absolutely losing their god damn minds.

Hadley has been cracking us up and driving us bonkers with her emotional outbursts.

Lately, things are very dramatic for her. Everything is a big deal and everything is too much to handle. I have a feeling this cycle will be repeating itself in about 10 years.......

Whether you're telling her she has to share her high heels with Nora or that she's not allowed to sleep outside with Cali, it usually leads to an exasperated sigh, head down and stomping off to pout in the next room. Or it's like death com five and she goes roaring through the house like a possessed lion. You never know.

But when she's not storming off or screaming about something, she is pretty hilarious!

After I playfully spanked her in the booty, "Hey! That's my butt!"

Talking to Nora in bed before bedtime, "Daddy's reading a book to me, not youuuu."

A few weeks before we we're having her Minnie Mouse themed birthday party,
"Mama, when is Minnie's birthday?"

While walking up the stairs to the bathtub, "Bye Cali! I love you!"
^^^Cali is one of our dogs and the only dog in her eyes.

"I need you, Ma."
She likes to say this one with a lot of drama, usually to help her change into her next dress up outfit and put a crown on her head #diva

When she can't find her Lambie stuffed animal (and it's usually right next to her),

When I tell her she's not supposed to come up to Nora's room when I'm trying to put her to sleep for her nap.. "Welllllll, I tried calling you!"

She's so into tiny things these days. She only likes to eat with "tiny spoons" as she calls them and I even made her a tiny burger the other night.
She pulled out the 1/4 teaspoon to eat with and I said, "Are you sure you can eat with that thing?!" She replied, "YUP! Sure thing!"

After a Subway commercial, "Mmmmm, I want that bread!"

Repeating Josh, "Mama, turn off the trashy TV!"

Josh to Hadley: You're not the boss of me!
Hadley to Josh: I the boss of you!

While I was working at the dining table and she was going downstairs to play with our babysitter,
"Have fun, Mama!"

Our dogs, Cali and Madden, got into a little tiff in the kitchen over some spilt food. Hadley and I were in the other room so we didn't see the squabble.
When I tried to explain to her that the dogs we're fighting, she just couldn't bare the thought that her sweet and innocent Cali would be involved.
She proclaimed,
"Oh no! Not my Cali. It was just Madden, Mama."

After pooping she looks in the toilet and points to three different size turds,
"Mama poop, daddy poop, baby poop."

^^^Still has a death grip on the chips

"Mama, I see a reindeer!!!!" while driving in the van.

"I pick the show, I'm the boss of you!"

"I don't like mama, I like daddy."
Thanks, kid.

When Josh pointed out a jackrabbit at the beach hopping through the grass, "No daddy, that's a kangaroo!"

Josh asked me the other night (and every night :-P) if I wanted a glass of wine and Hadley yells,
"Uh huh!"

Me: Hadley, did you pee in your pants?
Hadley: No! Well, just a little bit.

While on the airplane last week, "I'm gonna fly this plane and go see Mimi!"

Sometimes we do elaborate performances and she came up with her own song called Flap Your Wings. Very inspirational stuff. Her singing and dancing is great and you get to see a little of her bossy side at the end of this video.

I may have taken the intros a bit too far but I think she was into it.

Me: We're going to visit a baby boy today.
Hadley: My sister?!
Me: Well, no, he would be your brother but you're not related. He's just a friend.
Hadley, with a sad face: Awww.
Hadley, with a hopeful voice: You have baby, Mama?!

Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa eeeeeeeeeek.

In case you missed it, here's Volume 1.

You can catch a lot of "Put your phone down!" and some of these wacky filters over on Snapchat @F0reverfirefly. With a zero, because I'm fly like that -_- Or because the original was already taken..... D'OH!

Here's to a good week friends <3

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