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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Things are starting to slow down a bit around here (can I get an AMEN?!) so I'm ready to dive back into getting our home furnished & decorated. 

Which means... WALLPAPER! 

I want to wallpaper the large focal wall in my office space and also parts of the walls in our dining room. I really want to try and have some fun with it and the fact that most of the new wallpapers are easily removable gives me some comfort. This is new territory for me so I'm a little nervous! And I do feel the pressure is on with Josh.. he's not convinced yet :-P

Here are some of my latest favorites...

This Watercolor by Ashley Goldberg for Chasing Paper is beautiful! I love how it adds great color but isn't too overwhelming. 

Palms are everywhere and I am loving the oversized pale green ones. Nana in pink at Hygee & West and Green Palms by Chasing Paper.

It's official.. I'm obsessed with Kate Zaremba. 

All of her wallpapers are so fun! I actually just ordered a ton of samples from her site so I'm really excited to see them come to life in person. And even better, they won't break the bank like some wallpapers can.

Muse Variations in Teal by Kate Zaremba and Floral Circus by Kate Zaremba.

Really feeling this one for my office space. It feels so cheerful! Plants on Pink by Kate Zaremba.

Also love this whimsical floral wallpaper by Nathalie Lété. It definitely draws you right in and I love all the different details throughout. Jardin Creme by Nathalie Lété.

I am so into these fruity, fun prints for our dining room!

We have a chair rail that runs around the room and I'm considering wallpapering just the top or just the bottom. I'd also love to mix it up and wallpaper the island in the kitchen to tie it all in. I've got a lemon theme already playing out in the kitchen so I'm leaning that way but the avocados are so darn cute! I don't know!!! Ahhhh!!!

It's raining avocados by Kate Zaremba and Lemon Bowl by Kate Zaremba

^^Are you noticing a theme?

Fun fact.. Kate Zaremba is based in DC! And she's a part of a creative group called The Lemon Bowl who hosts pop-up shops and workshops in their NW space so check it ouuuuut.

This one is a real beaut but maybe a bit too sophisticated for what I'm going for? It's very tranquil to me and I think would be great in a guest room.

Woodland by Chasing Paper for West Elm

Can you believe this is a DIY hand painted design?? Elsie at A Beautiful Mess kills it again. 

I love the idea of using a gold leafing pen and your own stencil to create a pattern. She did an entire room which is NUTS but also so freakin' cool. 

This could be a fun and much cheaper option.

Gold Cactus DIY Wallpaper by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess

And if you're looking for other metallic options, look no further than Juju Papers. Their wallpapers come in tons of different metallic colors and are super fun!

Spoonflower is another great source for tons of options. It's a little overwhelmeing at first so be prepared to sit and search through for a while. They have the best selection when it comes to wacky and fun designs. I mean within 5 minutes I was able to find a Rainbow Hillary Clinton wallpaper and Harry Potter wallpaper. Imagine what you could find after 30 minutes of searching?! The possibilities are endless!!! You can even upload your own design to create your own wallpaper.

In other wallpaper news, I recently ordered some green and marigold speckle from Chasing Paper and did a little bookcase makeover in Hadley's room. I love how it turned out and am excited to add some other peek-a-boo wallpapers to our stair case and some other shelves.

Speckle by Chasing Paper

If you want to keep up with my inspirations and resources for goodies around the house, be sure to check out my Pinterest boards

Have you used wallpaper in your home? How did it go for you? 
I'm a little nervous but mostly excited!!!

Cheers friends,

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