Hadley + Nora Says: Volume 3

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Look who's making a small appearance in the Hadley Says series.. baby Nora! 
Our girl is talking more and more these days so I figured it was due time she get her moment in the spotlight with big sis :) Although most of it is incomprehensible and reeeeeeal loud. Always shouting, that kid.

Hadley is crushing it in the sass + adorable + smartass department these days and writing all of these quotes down has become one of my favorite things. I know they'll be so fun to read them years from now when the girls are older!

I offered Hadley chips and french onion dip (her favorite) and she yelled, "THANK YOU MAMA!!! You get a big hug and a big kiss." She gave me a big hug and kiss, and when I stood up to get her food she proclaimed, "and a smack on the butt!"

When Josh leaves in the morning and says goodbye to us all laying in bed (I'm usually still snoring) Nora likes to give me kisses on the face. It's a much nicer way to wake up as opposed to the bitch slap she's hit me with a few times. Talk about a wake up call.

Hadley's latest thing is always telling me, "It's fine mama, it's fine." Like after Nora dumps a whole bowl of goldfish on the carpet. Or spills my red wine on the carpet. Or when Madden runs around the house like a psychopath. "It's fine mama, it's fine."

Nora: Ice cream!

I took a bag of puzzle pieces from Nora and threw them to the other side of the room. She started chasing after them and then stopped and started crying, like it was just too much to handle. Hadley turned to me and yelled very defiantly, "Hey! That's my sister, Roo-y! She a baby!" 
Touché, Hadley. Touché.
Grow up, mom.

Hadley: Holy moly!

Hadley asked for a certain kind of fruit snack and I told her to take it up with daddy because he ate them all. Six hours later when Josh came home from work she ran up to him and said, "Daddy! What happened to my red fruit snacks?!"

Hadley: Can I go play in your car daddy?
Josh: No, we're gonna go inside and eat dinner.
Hadley: How about for 4 minutes?

Hadley wanted to go for a walk with Uncle Trent and his pup but she was only wearing underwear (typical). I told her, "Hadley, you have to put clothes on first." She looked down at her body and exclaimed, "Oh! I'm nakey!" and then laughed hysterically.

Hadley, to her Aunt Devon: I need more chips!
Me, correcting her: Can I have more chips, please?
Hadley to me: Sure, mama!

Josh: Hadley, come help me pick up these toys
Hadley: No thanks, daddy!
Josh: Okay, I'll put all of these in the garbage then.
Josh: Well come help me then.
Hadley: You have to say please, daddy!
*again, smartass*

When Hadley saw the tiny toilet and sink at her new preschool she exclaimed, 
"Oh!!!! It's so cute!!!!!"

Check out Hadley Says: Volume 1 & Volume 2 if you enjoy silly talk with 3 year olds. 

Can't believe it's the last day of August.

Here's to one last week of somewhat relaxation before Hadley starts preschool & soccer and we get into the REAL swing of things. I'm not sure if I'm excited about getting back to a little bit of a structured schedule or if I'm going to lose my mind but you know, we'll find out. 

Either way, you know I'ma be a hot mess on her first day of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers friends,

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