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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hi old friends! 

Since I've last been around these parts Summer has turned to Fall, Hadley has started school (yay!), and soccer (ehhh.........), Josh and I celebrated 1 year of marriage, Nora has spoken like 10 new words and life has been fuh-lying by, as per usual.

1 year ago!
Just two rents tryna get hitched and snag a bowl of Chipotle before the guests devoured it.

When I was looking through photos to post in celebration of our one year anniversary, I came across this one that always makes me giggle.

This was taken shortly after our wedding at the Landmark Festival in DC. The beer lines we're outrageous that day but somehow I was able to convince the managers to sell me an entire case instead of the 2 beer minimum. And I was able to do that twice.

It was quite a winning moment for me and maybe the proudest Josh has ever been :-P

The girls have been so sweet together lately, playing more and more and apparently taking sleeping pictures of them is my new favorite thing. I think it's because they are growing so fast!!!! Wahhh!!!!

A few weeks back I took them to the Maryland Zoo for the first time and we just loved seeing the giraffes! We even got to see one galloping around the field, it was pretty incredible. 

Hadley has started going to school every Tuesday and Thursday for a few hours right down the street from where we live. It's been so fun embarking on this new part of her life and getting to participate in the class! It's a co-op so parents have to volunteer in the classroom every 6 or so weeks. 

I have loved getting to know her teacher, other parents and being able to meet her classmates with her. It's also suuuuper cute watching her in class!!! My big girl!

I wasn't so sure how she would react on the first day when I dropped her off but she hopped right out of the van, no problem at all. And so far, she's been really excited about going every time so that has been really fun! 
And a little sad for me... she climbed out of the van and walked towards her preschool with her teacher holding her hand and I'm over here picturing dropping her off at college!!!!!! 
*Insert very dramatic cry face emoji* 

Next week we go on their first field trip to a pumpkin patch so I am super pumped for that 

Soccer, on the other hand, has been a different story.

So far, out of 120 total minutes she could have participated in, she has played about 2 minutes of soccer.

It is a lot of kids, a little bit of an overwhelming set up and her first time playing any sport we're trying not to push it too hard. It is supposed to be fun, after all!

The first week we just said whatever and went to the playground (which she can see from the field, not helpful) and the second week we left with her kicking and screaming, so that was *special*.

She's missed the last two weeks with us being out of town and sick so we'll see if she can get in some kicks this weekend! Fingers are crossed!

^^passed out hard post-soccer-meltdown

We're all in recovery mode now as we get over lots of yucky ass germs around here. I feel like the girls have had stuffy noses and coughs for 2 months now, and then there was the projectile vomit from Nora last night sooooooooooo I'm ready for some healthy babes, PRONTO!

I hope October is treating you well <3


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