Nora's Latest: 18 months

Monday, October 24, 2016

Well, I think it's official now. 

I no longer have any babies... just toddlers. 


Nora is so GROWN these days, talking so much, running in pretty much a sprint and giving us some real nice glimpses of the terrible twos. YIKES!

So far her newest words have been...

yes please
thank you
Maaa! (Madden)
bless you
ice cream
I did it!

Her little voice is so cute! One of my new favorite things she does is coming up to me with so much question on her face and saying, "Where Had-ee? Where Maaaa? Where's Dada?" She shakes her head and looks around the room like they just disappeared into thin air.

One of her less pleasant sounds is this raptor scream she does when she's mad/excited/worked up. It is so shrill and stops everyone in their tracks so.... sorry Wegmans shoppers. And Nandos diners. And Chik Fil A drive thru patrons. And all of Eastern Maryland in general.

At 18 months, we are still nursing here and there, which after my experiences with Hadley (you can read that very colorful story here) is a miracle! Most of the time she only nurses right before bed and early in the morning. When she's sick or teething she nurses more during the day. I think once these last canines come in she will be ready to kick the boob but we will see!

She's been a great eater, and just like her big sis, loves avocado sushi. If you haven't seen on Snapchat (@f0reverfirefly.. that's a zero not an "o") we've eaten avocado sushi about 7 times in the last 2 weeks. These kids are obsessed. She also loves pasta, cucumbers, strawberries, honeydew and rice. She does seem to have some trouble digesting milk and always has gas problems if she has too much yogurt, milk or ice cream so we've been trying out some other substitutes.

At her 18 month check up she clocked in at 95+% in everything.. head, height and weight.
I think she has her daddy's Montana genes running strong through those veins! Before I know it she'll be the same size as Hadley and then I really won't be able to handle how big they are!!!!!!!!!

There was a short amount of time recently where both girls we're sleeping like absolute champions. Nora has always been a pro at falling asleep on her own in her crib but lately she has been waking up in the middle of the night and really calling out for us, which just tears my heart in half. So I've been getting her and letting her sleep with us from time to time. I'm hoping in the near future we can bunk the girls up and let them sleep together in Hadley's ginormous bed. I think it would be so fun to create a shared space for them but I don't trust Nora to stay in all night at the moment.

No crib escapes have been attempted............. yet.
I'm sure I'll be eating those words very soon.

I think the most fun part of this age has been how much Nora and Hadley are enjoying each other's company. They play together significantly more than they used to, laughing and giggling and chasing each other around the house.

There are a few things I think about all the time that I want to instill in them as they get older and become their own little human beings, but creating an atmosphere where they can form a strong bond as sisters is one of the most important to me.

The other night I was in Hadley's room chatting with her about something and we heard Nora come stomping up the stairs. She walked into Hadley's room, strutted over to her (with a real sass about it) and then threw her arms open and gave Hadley the biggest, eyes-squeezed-shut, arms linked around her, bear hug.

I, immediately, started crying.

And did one of those mental note things where I told myself, "Okay, record that in your brain forever because that was incredible."


Nora's favorite activities include running away from me with any form of marker, pencil, pen, chalk or paint brush she can get her hands on. She loves feeding the dogs, petting dogs, finding animals of all sorts. She used to pick up all the caterpillars in our driveway in the Spring and now she loves chasing all the frogs we find around the yard. I'm pretty positive she would try to pick up a snake if she ever found the one lurking around our house so "Safety in the Woods" is high on our list of lessons.

She is very into Peppa Pig and wakes up on many mornings only to point at the TV and cry out for "PEPPA!" She's into animated movies in general and that has been helpful for long car rides when we can give her the iPad. And speaking of car rides, we recently flipped her car seat around and I had a minor melt down when I looked in my back seat to see two big girls facing me.

Isn't it interesting how those little mundane, every day things can mark such big feelings for us?! I didn't cry at her 1 year old birthday but I cried when I turned her car seat around???

She still loves laying on the floor (you can see more about her signature pose at her 1 year post #dothenora) and has now fallen asleep, face down, a few times. Finding babies asleep in random positions is actually one of my favorite things of all time. Hilarious.

Reminds me of the pictures of me as a little tot passed out in my high chair.

Other things she loves are playing dress up and walking around in little high heels, holding hands <3 and walking on her tip toes.

When she sticks her hand up in the air and says "hand!" it melts my heart every time!! I know it won't be long until she is running off and leaving me in the dust behind her so I'ma take that hand every single time baby girl!!!!!

Here's a little video I put together of some of her latest moments...

This was my first time making a video on iMovie and it was really fun! Definitely going to do this with more of our videos so we have some good ole fashion family movies to watch in the future!

....and so Josh can stop bugging me about the pointless-ness of Snapchat.
See, Josh!

Nora, we could not be happier to have you in our lives and as a piece of our family.

You are so full of personality, it is truly hilarious to watch you grow and turn into YOU!

You drive me absolutely insane sometimes and are, along with your big sister, teaching me the real meaning of patience and priority and love. Your little smirk has not left that adorable face of yours and I had a feeling it would become a little sassy signature of yours. I especially love when you climb on the side table, pause to smirk at me, and then dive bomb the couch like a death defying circus performer.

You are fearless.

I will try as hard as I can to be supportive of your free-spirited ways... without dying of a heart attack.
[insert me smirking right back atcha gf]

I love you, Nora!

Kisses and bear hugs, always.

<3 Your mama

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