Christmas 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas has come and gone and I'm feeling up and down about it.

On one side, I'm really missing Christmas music, an excuse to cook casserole everything, how excited the girls were about all the holiday festivities, a more carefree attitude towards carbs, sugar & alcohol and the general festive spirit that comes with drinking coffee out of a Santa mug. 

On the other end, I'm ready to kiss 2016 goodbye and start fresh with a new year. These last few days are really testing my emotional well being with the loss of Carrie Fisher AND Debbie Reynolds, new fevers & boogers striking the kids and now rain, because the world is crying. 

But in an effort to highlight some of the more positive parts of this holiday season, here are some of my favorite memories...

Josh and I cooked a full on Thanksgiving-style feast, including a 20 pound turkey and enough food for 30 people. Newsflash: there we're only 5 of us. Two of which we're toddlers who eat like anorexic birds so.... there's that. It was crazy but I had so much fun doing it! The champagne didn't hurt, either.
And we now have leftovers for the entirety of 2017. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but we have a shit ton of food. It's been fun making some extravagant leftover meals, like mini pies made from stuffing, turkey, cran and mashed potatoes and turkey enchiladas with cranberry sauce topping. MMMMM!

Hadley & Nora we're so excited about every present they opened (when we could get Nora to break away from her stickers and actually participate), it was pretty adorable to watch them. I think Nora's favorites included the previously noted 500-pack of stickers (100 of which went on her foot and another 100 on our wood floors...), wooden car, boxes and decorative ribbon. When Hadley wasn't asking for the 2 millionth time where the rest of her presents were, she said her favorites were the pink hair brush and Candy Land. Her favorites will be different in 5 minutes.

I'm still not sure where our Elf on the Shelf went (lost him the first week of December because we're overachievers like that) but I have a sneaking suspicion Madden buried it in the backyard.

Hadley had her first ever Holiday concert and party at preschool and it was ahhhhhdorable. She got to stand next to her boyfriend (I can't) and was super excited to show her little sister all the things she does when she leaves us for school.

I really enjoyed decking the halls in our home this year and can't wait to pull the boxes out to do it all over again next year.

Hands down, my absolute favorite part of our Christmas this year was having lots of time to spend with Josh at home and having the four of us together. Every time he goes back to work after a vacation or holiday is always so hard. I just want us all to be together all the time! Even if we're just cleaning up the disaster that is a house after Christmas with toddlers & 1,907 dishes, it's still better together :) 

Here are some photos & videos from our Christmas celebrations! 

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and hopefully these last few days of 2016 will be a little nicer to all of us.


DIY Industrial Wood Bed Frame

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Okay, I know what you are thinking... 

....what in the actual hell is wrong with me?

I know, I know, I know.

I have issues.

But you see, we lived with our mattress on the floor in our new home for a solid 8 MONTHS until I finally reached my breaking point. We literally called it the crack mattress, fondly, of course. So I needed a bed frame and I needed it STAT.

We searched high and low for one that could go with the headboard we purchased off Amazon, but nothing worked style or price wise. So I did some searching on the internet and found a few different DIY ideas and BAM.. I built our bed.

Okay, it didn't happen quite that quickly but it did happen!!!!! And it's been about 4 months since I completed this baby and she has survived so I'm pretty damn proud of that. 

I adapted plans for our king size bed from here.

^^It was my first time using the circular saw and it was AWEEEEEESOME!

If you are going to take on a project similar to this and have never done so before, a few helpful tips from a fellow newbie...

Draw or find plans to follow.
^errrr, duh?

Double check the math. 
When I converted the queen measurements to a king size bed, I messed up the numbers for the frame a bit and had to compensate with some longer boards in the middle. It worked out because we had extra 2x4"s on hand but make sure you double check.

Measure, measure and measure again before cutting your wood.
And watch your fingers.

Expect to go back to Home Depot/Lowes/Your local hardware store at least 3 times in the midst of this project.

Don't expect to finish your project in a few hours or one day or even a few days. 
This will only frustrate you more and make you more likely to light your hard work on fire and claim, "I just wanted a big bonfire anyways!!!!"

Ask for help if you get stuck or just need a break from the gazillion screws it takes to put this thing together. 

Many thanks to my assistant Josh for helping me when sanity was slipping through my fingertips.

One awesome perk about building your own bed frame is the cost. The whole thing cost just over $200, most of which was due to the price of the plumber's pipes. Many of the bed frames I looked at online we're $700 all the way up to $1,500 so WIN freakin' WIN!

^^Hadley testing it out, we we're a little worried to jump on it at first! 

And there you have it. 

If there is any way I'd like to be described by others after I've left this beautiful Earth it is this...

Lauren Thompson
Beloved wife, dedicated mother
Made her own bread & built her own bed
Boom. Shakalaka.

Last sentence necessary.

XO pals,

No Knead Rosemary Bread

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holy bajesus you guys. 

I embarked on a new stage in life. There was life BB, before bread. And now there is life AB, after bread.

Never have I dared to make or even look at a homemade bread recipe until I saw Bev from Bev Cooks glowing about how easy and delicious it actually was. Don't I need a bread maker? Or some special yeast powers from the bread gods? Or some special baking oven? How do I do this?!!!!!!

Well, people. I am here to tell you, you actually don't need much to make this AHmazing loaf of warm, crusty, earthy goodness that will make your house smell divine and your mouth/belly/soul happy AF. 

More specifically you need an oven, flour, an instant yeast packet, rosemary, water, salt, cornmeal (optional), a cotton towel, a large pot to bake it in and patience.


I used a 6-quart cast iron dutch oven, like this one from Target, and it worked great. 

Now the recipe requires a lot of resting time so while you're not actually doing anything for a long period of time, it will take longer than 24 hours for this bread to come together. 
But I promise, it is so worth the wait.

Recipe found here by Mark Bittman. Just add Rosemary, if you desire!

Cover that ish in butter or dip in olive oil, parmesan & a drizzle of balsamic. 

All the carbs & all the love,

Life Lately: Christmas Cheer + A Pony + A Truck

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hellooooooo my long lost friends!

How are thee?!

The holidays are upon us, thank ze effin' lord!!!!!!

I think all of us we're craving some festive spirit more than ever before (cough, worst election year ever, cough) so I am real happy it's now acceptable to vomit Santa, snowflakes & snowmen all over the damn place.

A lot has happened since I've last been here to chat so I thought I'd just word-vomit-list-style all the things that have been going on with us...

1. My mom, our grandma Juju, got a new pony and the girls are obsessssssed with him. I am a little bit, too. His name is Franklin and he is the sweetest boy!!

^^^is that face pumped or what?!

Hadley rode him at least 3 times while we we're staying with her and it was just the cutest.

2. For the first time in my life, I'm a bit of a red head.

I feel it matches my inner fire.


3. I've been painting a lot of triangles lately... like a shit ton.

After 1 year of living in this home, one room is almost completely finished and that is our tiny powder bathroom.
Start small, am I right?

I am so into wallpaper these days but, shit, it gets pricey!!

So I decided to take a note from Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess and try to hand draw my own.

Pro: it costs $3.

Cons: It takes fucking forever.

I'll do a full post on the bathroom another time but here's a little sneaky de peaky.

4. Mommy and daddy got a night out at the piano bar and it was such a blast! I forgot what it feels like to take jello shooters out of a syringe............ he he he he!

5. We changed Nora's crib into a toddler bed a few weeks ago and she has yet to sleep in it. She's been cutting teeth like crazy lately so I've just kept in her in bed with us mostly or she snuggles with Hadley in her ginormous bed (for a few hours).

Eventually, I'd like to bunk them up in this Ikea setup so we'll see how that all goes!

I'm writing this at about 8:15pm, Nora did not nap today and she is still running wild.

Lord help us.

6. I made my first ever pumpkin pie from scratch for Thanksgiving and am still proud AF.

Like with a real pumpkin. Not the can.

Say whaaaaaaaatttt?!

8. The girls got an electric driving truck from their Mimi and Grandpa when they we're visiting from Montana and it is hilarious to watch them ride around.

My new favorite thing is to make mini rap videos of them driving it.

If you have a song you think would be good for this sort of very important side business, please let me know.

Life is good.

The girls are finally kicking colds that have been around for fuggin' ever. We're hiding elves, eating Christmas cookies and hanging twinkle lights.

Festive days are ahead and we've finally broken in our wood fire stove that has been calling our names since we moved in last Winter.

And even more shocking? I have two more blog posts lined up for this week.

I know.

Who am I?

Holiday cheer to you all,

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