Christmas 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas has come and gone and I'm feeling up and down about it.

On one side, I'm really missing Christmas music, an excuse to cook casserole everything, how excited the girls were about all the holiday festivities, a more carefree attitude towards carbs, sugar & alcohol and the general festive spirit that comes with drinking coffee out of a Santa mug. 

On the other end, I'm ready to kiss 2016 goodbye and start fresh with a new year. These last few days are really testing my emotional well being with the loss of Carrie Fisher AND Debbie Reynolds, new fevers & boogers striking the kids and now rain, because the world is crying. 

But in an effort to highlight some of the more positive parts of this holiday season, here are some of my favorite memories...

Josh and I cooked a full on Thanksgiving-style feast, including a 20 pound turkey and enough food for 30 people. Newsflash: there we're only 5 of us. Two of which we're toddlers who eat like anorexic birds so.... there's that. It was crazy but I had so much fun doing it! The champagne didn't hurt, either.
And we now have leftovers for the entirety of 2017. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but we have a shit ton of food. It's been fun making some extravagant leftover meals, like mini pies made from stuffing, turkey, cran and mashed potatoes and turkey enchiladas with cranberry sauce topping. MMMMM!

Hadley & Nora we're so excited about every present they opened (when we could get Nora to break away from her stickers and actually participate), it was pretty adorable to watch them. I think Nora's favorites included the previously noted 500-pack of stickers (100 of which went on her foot and another 100 on our wood floors...), wooden car, boxes and decorative ribbon. When Hadley wasn't asking for the 2 millionth time where the rest of her presents were, she said her favorites were the pink hair brush and Candy Land. Her favorites will be different in 5 minutes.

I'm still not sure where our Elf on the Shelf went (lost him the first week of December because we're overachievers like that) but I have a sneaking suspicion Madden buried it in the backyard.

Hadley had her first ever Holiday concert and party at preschool and it was ahhhhhdorable. She got to stand next to her boyfriend (I can't) and was super excited to show her little sister all the things she does when she leaves us for school.

I really enjoyed decking the halls in our home this year and can't wait to pull the boxes out to do it all over again next year.

Hands down, my absolute favorite part of our Christmas this year was having lots of time to spend with Josh at home and having the four of us together. Every time he goes back to work after a vacation or holiday is always so hard. I just want us all to be together all the time! Even if we're just cleaning up the disaster that is a house after Christmas with toddlers & 1,907 dishes, it's still better together :) 

Here are some photos & videos from our Christmas celebrations! 

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and hopefully these last few days of 2016 will be a little nicer to all of us.


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