DIY Industrial Wood Bed Frame

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Okay, I know what you are thinking... 

....what in the actual hell is wrong with me?

I know, I know, I know.

I have issues.

But you see, we lived with our mattress on the floor in our new home for a solid 8 MONTHS until I finally reached my breaking point. We literally called it the crack mattress, fondly, of course. So I needed a bed frame and I needed it STAT.

We searched high and low for one that could go with the headboard we purchased off Amazon, but nothing worked style or price wise. So I did some searching on the internet and found a few different DIY ideas and BAM.. I built our bed.

Okay, it didn't happen quite that quickly but it did happen!!!!! And it's been about 4 months since I completed this baby and she has survived so I'm pretty damn proud of that. 

I adapted plans for our king size bed from here.

^^It was my first time using the circular saw and it was AWEEEEEESOME!

If you are going to take on a project similar to this and have never done so before, a few helpful tips from a fellow newbie...

Draw or find plans to follow.
^errrr, duh?

Double check the math. 
When I converted the queen measurements to a king size bed, I messed up the numbers for the frame a bit and had to compensate with some longer boards in the middle. It worked out because we had extra 2x4"s on hand but make sure you double check.

Measure, measure and measure again before cutting your wood.
And watch your fingers.

Expect to go back to Home Depot/Lowes/Your local hardware store at least 3 times in the midst of this project.

Don't expect to finish your project in a few hours or one day or even a few days. 
This will only frustrate you more and make you more likely to light your hard work on fire and claim, "I just wanted a big bonfire anyways!!!!"

Ask for help if you get stuck or just need a break from the gazillion screws it takes to put this thing together. 

Many thanks to my assistant Josh for helping me when sanity was slipping through my fingertips.

One awesome perk about building your own bed frame is the cost. The whole thing cost just over $200, most of which was due to the price of the plumber's pipes. Many of the bed frames I looked at online we're $700 all the way up to $1,500 so WIN freakin' WIN!

^^Hadley testing it out, we we're a little worried to jump on it at first! 

And there you have it. 

If there is any way I'd like to be described by others after I've left this beautiful Earth it is this...

Lauren Thompson
Beloved wife, dedicated mother
Made her own bread & built her own bed
Boom. Shakalaka.

Last sentence necessary.

XO pals,


  1. Love this headboard! I think it would be perfect for an antique-filled country home with a crystal chandelier over the bed! I may just give this a try! Thank you so much for sharing! Like a previous commentor, I would love to know what size screws you used!

    1. Hi Erica, thanks so much! I used 2" & 2.5" wood screws to join the frame and smaller 1" screws to attach the legs. Hope this helps!


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