Hadley + Nora Says: Volume 4

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hellooooo 2017, hello blog!

Nice to see you again.

These kids are crackin' me up left and right these days... when they're not being naughty little devils!!!!!

I can't wait to come back in 15 years and read them with the girls. I'm sure it'll serve as great blackmail when they're teenagers.
*thinking ahead*

Hadley (very excited): Mom! Come look! My poop is green!!!!!!!!!

"Let's go play, Roo-ey!"

"Hey! My friends are here!" when random kids show up at the Chikfila playplace. 

After Nora tripped and fell on the ground Hadley goes to her, "You okay, Roo?!" and Nora looks up at her and proclaims, "YEAH!"

Hadley: Yesss! (Which actually sounds more like "Yethhhhh")
Out of no where she started saying Yethhhh to everything instead of "uh-huh" and "yeah". We have no idea why the change but it's ahhhhdorable.

Nora: Had-eeeeee!

I am no longer "mama" to Hadley, I have now become "momby" and it is sweet and terribly sad all at once. My baby is so big!

Hadley was trying to help me get a stain out of my sweatshirt with a wet paper towel..
Me: It's an old stain, I don't think it's going to come out
(after it looked like it was starting to fade)
Me: Oh, look, it did come out a little
Hadley: See, I told you! You just have to wait 5 minutes, like I said!

Nora is so cute about holding hands these days. She puts hers up in the air and says, "Haaaaan!" *heart melting*

Hadley realized I had ranch when we were eating pizza so she dipped hers in mine and proclaimed, "MMMMM! THAT IS DEEEEELICIOUS!!!" Everything has been "deeeeelicious" since.

Nora's response to everything, "Otayyyyy!"

When Hadley heard the sound of loud rain through an open window,
"Mom! It's raining in the house!"

Nora: muh..... with a head shake.
Her version of "no".

Hadley and Nora were holding hands the other day being absolutely adorable and then Hadley leans in to Nora's face and says, "Roo-ey, wanna watch the iPad with me?!" and Nora says, "Yes, pleeeeeaaaaa!" The ultimate sharing moment in this house! Pretty sure I was pumping my fists in the air as they ran off hand-in-hand giggling. 

When Hadley met another Hadley...
Other Hadley: Your name is Hadley?
Our Hadley: Yeah, I'm Hadley!
Other Hadley: I'm Hadley, too!
Our Hadley: Nooooo..... I'mmmmm Hadley!

Hadley: I love you mama and daddy. And Roo-ey is my best friend. 
*heart exploding*

Hadley to daddy: Don't fart on my mom!

Nora: iPad!!!!!!

Me: You know when you get older, if you have any babies you'll make milk in your boobies, too.
Hadley: I think when I'm big I'll make orange juice and my baby will drink that from my boobies!
*dream big, kid*

Hadley: I put the food in my mouth and then my tummy says, "mmmmmmm!"

Hadley, to my mom's new pony when she was looking at him in the fields through the window: Franklin, I love you so much! I'm gonna kiss and hug you!

When Hadley asked me why I like to watch a show (This is Us)...
Me: It makes me feel good, I like the stories they tell
Hadley: (laughs at me)
Me: Well, why do you like The Secret Life of Pets?
Hadley: It makes me feel good, it made my cough go away

^^Nora's hand still in the snack cup

I did a little quiz with Hadley a few weeks back and these we're her responses...

What is your name? Hadley

How old are you? 3 (with 2 fingers)

When is your birthday? 3

How old is your mommy? You're my mom

How old am I? 4 (Then she starts asking me all the quiz questions)

What is your favorite color? Rainbow

What is your favorite food? My favorite is mac n cheese (we just ate that for dinner)

Who is your best friend? My best friend is Mrs. Cartee (her preschool teacher!)

What is your favorite song? Rainbow song

What is your favorite animal? Reindeer

What are you scared of? Nothing (pause) Other kid's doggies.

What makes you happy? Reindeer

Where is your favorite place to go? My house

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Elsa!

Aaaaand last but not least, Hadley and her little buddy in preschool have been so adorable since they met a few months ago and things have escalated to a full blown relationship. She refers to him as her "boy" and I get some pretty hilarious text messages from his mama.

This was one of the more recent, "Omg! Colin told everyone Hadley is his girlfriend and Dan said Colin kissed her at dismissal!"

Had me cracking up so hard, little lovebirds! Josh was more concerned, el oh el.

For your entertainment, volumes 1, 2 & 3.

Adios friends,

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